CallLogAsync.OnLastOutgoingCallComplete Interface to retrieve the last dialed number asynchronously. 


AccelerometerListener This class is used to listen to the accelerometer to monitor the orientation of the phone. 
ADNList ADN List activity for the Phone app. 
ButtonGridLayout Create a 4x3 grid of dial buttons. 
CallCard "Call card" UI element: the in-call screen contains a tiled layout of call cards, each representing the state of a current "call" (ie. 
CallLogAsync Class to access the call logs database asynchronously since database ops can take a long time depending on the system's load. 
CallLogAsync.AddCallArgs Parameter object to hold the args to add a call in the call log DB. 
CallLogAsync.GetLastOutgoingCallArgs Parameter object to hold the args to get the last outgoing call from the call log DB. 
CallNotifier Phone app module that listens for phone state changes and various other events from the telephony layer, and triggers any resulting UI behavior (like starting the Ringer and Incoming Call UI, playing in-call tones, updating notifications, writing call log entries, etc.)  
CallTime Helper class used to keep track of various "elapsed time" indications in the Phone app, and also to start and stop tracing / profiling. 
CarrierLogo Utility class to look up carrier logo resource IDs. 
CdmaDisplayInfo Helper class for displaying the DisplayInfo sent by CDMA network. 
CdmaOptions List of Phone-specific settings screens. 
CdmaPhoneCallState Class to internally keep track of Call states to maintain information for Call Waiting and 3Way for CDMA instance of Phone App. 
CellBroadcastSms List of Phone-specific settings screens. 
ChangeIccPinScreen "Change ICC PIN" UI for the Phone app. 
DataUsage Lists the data usage and throttle settings  
DataUsageListener Listener for broadcasts from ThrottleManager  
DeleteFdnContactScreen Activity to let the user delete an FDN contact. 
DTMFTwelveKeyDialer Dialer class that encapsulates the DTMF twelve key behaviour. 
EditFdnContactScreen Activity to let the user add or edit an FDN contact. 
EditPinPreference Class similar to the class, with a couple of modifications, including a different layout for the dialog. 
EmergencyCallbackModeExitDialog Displays dialog that enables users to exit Emergency Callback Mode 
EmergencyCallbackModeService Application service that inserts/removes Emergency Callback Mode notification and updates Emergency Callback Mode countdown clock in the notification 
EmergencyCallbackModeService.LocalBinder Class for clients to access  
EmergencyCallHandler Helper class used by the InCallScreen to handle certain special cases when making an emergency call. 
EmergencyDialer EmergencyDialer is a special dialer that is used ONLY for dialing emergency calls. 
EnableFdnScreen UI to enable/disable FDN. 
EnableIccPinScreen UI to enable/disable the ICC PIN. 
FakePhoneActivity A simple activity that presents you with a UI for faking incoming phone operations. 
FdnList FDN List UI for the Phone app. 
FdnSetting FDN settings UI for the Phone app. 
GetPin2Screen Pin2 entry screen. 
GsmUmtsOptions List of Network-specific settings screens. 
HapticFeedback Handles the haptic feedback: a light buzz happening when the user presses a soft key (UI button or capacitive key). 
IccNetworkDepersonalizationPanel "SIM network unlock" PIN entry screen. 
IccPanel Base class for ICC-related panels in the Phone UI. 
IccProvider ICC address book content provider. 
InCallControlState Helper class to keep track of enabledness, visibility, and "on/off" or "checked" state of the various controls available in the in-call UI, based on the current telephony state. 
InCallScreen Phone app "in call" screen. 
InCallScreenShowActivation Trampoline to InCallScreen protected by PERFORM_CDMA_PROVISIONING permission to only expose SHOW_ACTIVATION. 
InCallTouchUi In-call onscreen touch UI elements, used on some platforms. 
ManageConferenceUtils Helper class to initialize and run the InCallScreen's "Manage conference" UI. 
NetworkQueryService Service code used to assist in querying the network for service availability. 
NetworkQueryService.LocalBinder Class for clients to access. 
NetworkSetting "Networks" settings UI for the Phone app. 
NotificationMgr NotificationManager-related utility code for the Phone app. 
OtaUtils Handles all OTA Call related logic and UI functionality. 
OtaUtils.CdmaOtaConfigData Defines OTA screen configuration items read from config.xml and used to control OTA display. 
OtaUtils.CdmaOtaInCallScreenUiState The state of the OTA InCallScreen UI. 
OtaUtils.CdmaOtaProvisionData Defines OTA information that needs to be maintained during an OTA call when display orientation changes. 
OtaUtils.CdmaOtaScreenState The OTA screen state machine. 
OutgoingCallBroadcaster OutgoingCallBroadcaster receives CALL and CALL_PRIVILEGED Intents, and broadcasts the ACTION_NEW_OUTGOING_CALL intent which allows other applications to monitor, redirect, or prevent the outgoing call. 
OutgoingCallBroadcaster.OutgoingCallReceiver OutgoingCallReceiver finishes NEW_OUTGOING_CALL broadcasts, starting the InCallScreen if the broadcast has not been canceled, possibly with a modified phone number and optional provider info (uri + package name + remote views.)  
PhoneApp Top-level Application class for the Phone app. 
PhoneInterfaceManager Implementation of the ITelephony interface. 
PhoneUtils Misc utilities for the Phone app. 
PhoneUtils.CallerInfoToken Class returned by the startGetCallerInfo call to package a temporary CallerInfo Object, to be superceded by the CallerInfo Object passed into the listener when the query with token mAsyncQueryToken is complete. 
ProcessOutgoingCallTest ProcessOutgoingCallTest tests OutgoingCallBroadcaster by performing a couple of simple modifications to outgoing calls, and by printing log messages for each call. 
Profiler Profiling utilities for the Phone app. 
Ringer Ringer manager for the Phone app. 
Settings List of Phone-specific settings screens. 
SimContacts SIM Address Book UI for the Phone app. 
SipBroadcastReceiver Broadcast receiver that handles SIP-related intents. 
SipCallOptionHandler SipCallOptionHandler select the sip phone based on the call option. 
SpecialCharSequenceMgr Helper class to listen for some magic character sequences that are handled specially by the Phone app. 
TelephonyCapabilities TODO: This is intended as a temporary repository for behavior policy functions that depend upon the type of phone or the carrier. 


CdmaPhoneCallState.PhoneCallState Allowable values for the PhoneCallState. 
PhoneApp.ScreenTimeoutDuration Allowable values for the poke lock code (timeout between a user activity and the going to sleep), please refer to for additional reference. 
PhoneApp.WakeState Allowable values for the wake lock code.