This package contains implementations of collection and map related key/value classes. These are usually used in maps, however they can be used as data holders in any collection.

The following key/value designs are included:

  • Map Entry - various map entry implementations
  • KeyValue - a key and value pair, without map entry semantics
  • MultiKey - a holder of multiple keys tied together


AbstractKeyValue Abstract pair class to assist with creating KeyValue and java.util.Map.Entry Map.Entry implementations. 
AbstractMapEntry Abstract Pair class to assist with creating correct java.util.Map.Entry Map.Entry implementations. 
AbstractMapEntryDecorator Provides a base decorator that allows additional functionality to be added to a java.util.Map.Entry Map.Entry. 
DefaultKeyValue A mutable KeyValue pair that does not implement java.util.Map.Entry Map.Entry. 
DefaultMapEntry A restricted implementation of java.util.Map.Entry that prevents the Map.Entry contract from being broken. 
MultiKey A MultiKey allows multiple map keys to be merged together. 
TiedMapEntry A java.util.Map.Entry Map.Entry tied to a map underneath. 
UnmodifiableMapEntry A java.util.Map.Entry Map.Entry that throws UnsupportedOperationException when setValue is called.