This package contains a cache module that can be used for HTTP/1.1 client-side caching. The primary classes in this package are the CachingHttpClient, which is a drop-in replacement for a org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultHttpClient that adds caching, and the CacheConfig class that can be used for configuring it.


BasicHttpCacheStorage Basic HttpCacheStorage implementation backed by an instance of LinkedHashMap. 

Java Beans-style configuration for a CachingHttpClient


The CachingHttpClient is meant to be a drop-in replacement for a DefaultHttpClient that transparently adds client-side caching. 

DefaultHttpCacheEntrySerializer HttpCacheEntrySerializer implementation that uses the default (native) serialization. 
FileResource Cache resource backed by a file. 
FileResourceFactory Generates Resource instances whose body is stored in a temporary file. 
HeapResource Cache resource backed by a byte array on the heap. 
HeapResourceFactory Generates Resource instances stored entirely in heap. 
ManagedHttpCacheStorage HttpCacheStorage implementation capable of deallocating resources associated with the cache entries.