AttachImage Provides an external interface for other applications to attach images to contacts. 
CallDetailActivity Displays the details of a specific call log entry. 
Collapser Class used for collapsing data items into groups of similar items. 
ContactEntryAdapter<E extends ContactEntryAdapter.Entry>  
ContactEntryAdapter.Entry Base class for adapter entries. 
ContactListItemView A custom view for an item in the contact list. 
ContactOptionsActivity An activity for selecting options for a given contact: custom ringtone and send-to-voicemail. 
ContactPhotoLoader Asynchronously loads contact photos and maintains cache of photos. 
ContactPresenceIconUtil Define the contact present show policy in Contacts  
ContactsListActivity Displays a list of contacts. 
ContactsSearchManager A convenience class that helps launch contact search from within the app. 
ContactsSectionIndexer A section indexer that is configured with precomputed section titles and their respective counts. 
DialtactsActivity The dialer activity that has one tab with the virtual 12key dialer, a tab with recent calls in it, a tab with the contacts and a tab with the favorite. 
ExportVCardActivity Class for exporting vCard. 
GroupingListAdapter Maintains a list that groups adjacent items sharing the same value of a "group-by" field. 
GroupingListAdapter.PositionMetadata Information about a specific list item: is it a group, if so is it expanded. 
ImportVCardActivity Class for importing vCard. 
PhoneDisambigDialog Class used for displaying a dialog with a list of phone numbers of which one will be chosen to make a call or initiate an sms message. 
PinnedHeaderListView A ListView that maintains a header pinned at the top of the list. 
RecentCallsListActivity Displays a list of call log entries. 
SearchEditText A custom text editor that helps automatically dismiss the activity along with the soft keyboard. 
SearchResultsActivity The activity that displays the list of contact search results. 
SpecialCharSequenceMgr Helper class to listen for some magic character sequences that are handled specially by the dialer. 
SplitAggregateView A list view for constituent contacts of an aggregate. 
StickyTabs Utility class to annotate Intents with extra data required for the Sticky-Tab behavior, which allows storing the app to go to the last tab that was used to make a call. 
TabStripView Extension of LinearLayout that takes care of drawing bottom strips over the tab children. 
TextHighlightingAnimation An animation that alternately dims and brightens the non-highlighted portion of text. 
TextHighlightingAnimation.TextWithHighlighting A Spanned that highlights a part of text by dimming another part of that text. 
TwelveKeyDialer Dialer activity that displays the typical twelve key interface. 
TypePrecedence This class is deprecated. use getTypePrecedence(ContactsSource.DataKind, int) instead, since this list isn't Account based.  
ViewContactActivity Displays the details of a specific contact.