QuickContactWindow.OnDismissListener Interface used to allow the person showing a QuickContactWindow to know when the window has been dismissed. 


ContactsPreferences Manages user preferences for contacts. 
ContactsPreferencesActivity Shows a list of all available Groups available, letting the user select which ones they want to be visible. 
ContactsPreferencesActivity.AccountDisplay ContactsPreferencesActivity.GroupDelta details for a single Account, usually shown as children under a single expandable group. 
ContactsPreferencesActivity.AccountSet Set of all ContactsPreferencesActivity.AccountDisplay entries, one for each source. 
ContactsPreferencesActivity.DisplayAdapter ExpandableListAdapter that shows ContactsPreferencesActivity.GroupDelta settings, grouped by Account source. 
ContactsPreferencesActivity.GroupDelta Entry holding any changes to Groups or Settings rows, such as SHOULD_SYNC or GROUP_VISIBLE
ContactsPreferencesActivity.UpdateTask Background task that persists changes to GROUP_VISIBLE, showing spinner dialog to user while updating. 
EditContactActivity Activity for editing or inserting a contact. 
EditContactActivity.PersistTask Background task for persisting edited contact data, using the changes defined by a set of EntityDelta
QuickContactActivity Stub translucent activity that just shows QuickContactWindow floating above the caller. 
QuickContactWindow Window that shows QuickContact dialog for a specific _ID
QuickContactWindow.RootLayout Custom layout the sole purpose of which is to intercept the BACK key and close QC even when the soft keyboard is open. 
ShowOrCreateActivity Handle several edge cases around showing or possibly creating contacts in connected with a specific E-mail address or phone number. 
ViewIdGenerator A class that provides unique view ids for ContentEditorView, KindSectionView, GenericEditorView and EditView on EditContactActivity