XMLContentSpec.Provider Provides a means for walking the structure built out of content spec "nodes". 
XMLDTDValidatorFilter Defines a DTD Validator filter to allow components to query the DTD validator.@xerces.internal 


DTDGrammar A DTD grammar. 
DTDGrammar.QNameHashtable A simple Hashtable implementation that takes a tuple (String, String) as the key and a int as value.@xerces.internal 
DTDGrammarBucket This very simple class is the skeleton of what the DTDValidator could use to store various grammars that it gets from the GrammarPool. 
XML11DTDProcessor This class extends XMLDTDProcessor by giving it the ability to parse XML 1.1 documents correctly. 
XML11DTDValidator This allows the validator to correctlyhandle XML 1.1 documents.@xerces.internal 
XML11NSDTDValidator The DTD validator. 
XMLAttributeDecl @xerces.internal 
XMLContentSpec ContentSpec really exists to aid the parser classes in implementing access to the grammar. 
XMLDTDDescription All information specific to DTD grammars. 
XMLDTDLoader The DTD loader. 
XMLDTDProcessor The DTD processor. 
XMLDTDValidator The DTD validator. 
XMLElementDecl @xerces.internal 
XMLEntityDecl @xerces.internal 
XMLNotationDecl @xerces.internal 
XMLNSDTDValidator The DTD validator. 
XMLSimpleType @xerces.internal