MessageFormatter This interface provides a generic message formatting mechanism and is useful for producing messages that must be localed and/or formatted with replacement text. 


AttributesProxy Wraps XMLAttributes and makes it look like AttributeList and Attributes2. 
AugmentationsImpl This class provides an implementation for Augmentations interface. 

Used to format JAXP 1.3 Datatype API error messages using a specified locale. 

DefaultErrorHandler Default error handler. 
DOMEntityResolverWrapper This class wraps DOM entity resolver to XNI entity resolver. 
DOMErrorHandlerWrapper This class handles DOM errors . 

An XMLInputSource analogue to javax.xml.transform.dom.DOMSource

DOMUtil Some useful utility methods. 
EncodingMap EncodingMap is a convenience class which handles conversions between IANA encoding names and Java encoding names, and vice versa. 

This class wraps a SAX entity resolver (EntityResolver2) in an XNI entity resolver. 

EntityResolverWrapper This class wraps a SAX entity resolver in an XNI entity resolver. 
ErrorHandlerProxy Wraps XMLErrorHandler and make it look like a SAX ErrorHandler. 
ErrorHandlerWrapper This class wraps a SAX error handler in an XNI error handler. 
HTTPInputSource This class represents an input source for an XML resource retrievable over HTTP. 
IntStack A simple integer based stack. 

A read-only XNI wrapper around a JAXP NamespaceContext. 

LocatorProxy Wraps XMLLocator and make it look like a SAX Locator. 
NamespaceSupport Namespace support for XML document handlers. 
ParserConfigurationSettings This class implements the basic operations for managing parser configuration features and properties. 

An XMLInputSource analogue to javax.xml.transform.sax.SAXSource


A light wrapper around a SAX locator. 

SAXMessageFormatter Used to format SAX error messages using a specified locale. 
SecurityManager This class is a container for parser settings that relate to security, or more specifically, it is intended to be used to prevent denial-of-service attacks from being launched against a system running Xerces. 
ShadowedSymbolTable Shadowed symbol table. 
SoftReferenceSymbolTable This symbol table uses SoftReferences to its String entries, which means that table entries that have no references to them can be garbage collected when memory is needed. 
SoftReferenceSymbolTable.SREntry This class is a symbol table entry. 
SymbolHash This class is an unsynchronized hash table primary used for String to Object mapping. 
SymbolHash.Entry This class is a key table entry. 
SymbolTable This class is a symbol table implementation that guarantees that strings used as identifiers are unique references. 
SymbolTable.Entry This class is a symbol table entry. 
SynchronizedSymbolTable Synchronized symbol table. 
URI A class to represent a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). 
XML11Char This class defines the basic properties of characters in XML 1.1. 
XMLAttributesImpl The XMLAttributesImpl class is an implementation of the XMLAttributes interface which defines a collection of attributes for an element. 

The catalog resolver handles the resolution of external identifiers and URI references through XML catalogs. 

XMLChar This class defines the basic XML character properties. 

This class is an implementation of the XMLEntityDescription interface which describes the properties of an entity. 

XMLGrammarPoolImpl Stores grammars in a pool associated to a specific key. 
XMLGrammarPoolImpl.Entry This class is a grammar pool entry. 
XMLResourceIdentifierImpl The XMLResourceIdentifierImpl class is an implementation of the XMLResourceIdentifier interface which defines the location identity of a resource. 
XMLStringBuffer XMLString is a structure used to pass character arrays. 
XMLSymbols All internalized xml symbols. 


URI.MalformedURIException MalformedURIExceptions are thrown in the process of building a URI or setting fields on a URI when an operation would result in an invalid URI specification.