AstyanaxConfiguration Interface defining all astyanax API configuration parameters. 
AstyanaxTypeFactory<T> Factory that groups a family of Keyspace, Client and ConnectionFactory for a specific RPC to cassandra (i.e. 
AuthenticationCredentials Representation for a user/password used to log into a keyspace. 
CassandraOperationTracer Notification interface of success or failures executing keyspace operations. 
Clock Interface for a clock used for setting the column timestamp 
Cluster Interface for cluster operations. 
ColumnListMutation<C> Abstraction for batching column operations on a single row. 
ExceptionCallback ExceptionCallback is used in situation where it is not possible to return a checked exception, such as when implementing a custom iterator. 
Execution<R> Interface for an operation that can be executed on the cluster. 
Keyspace Interface providing access to mutate and query columns from a cassandra keyspace. 
KeyspaceTracerFactory TODO: Rename to AstyanaxTracerFactory 
MutationBatch Batch mutator which operates at the row level assuming the hierarchy: RowKey -> ColumnFamily -> Mutation. 
RowCallback<K, C>  
RowCopier<K, C>  
Serializer<T> Serializes a type T from the given bytes, or vice a versa. 
SerializerPackage Grouping of serializers for a single column family. 
WriteAheadLog Base interface for a write ahead log. 


AbstractColumnListMutation<C> Abstract implementation of a row mutation 
AstyanaxContext<Entity> This object tracks the context of an astyanax instance of either a Cluster or Keyspace