AbstractSerializer<T> A base class for serializer implementations. 
AnnotatedCompositeSerializer<T> Serializer for a Pojo annotated with Component field annotations Serialized data is formatted as a list of components with each component having the format: <2 byte length><0> 
AnnotatedCompositeSerializer.ComponentSerializer<P> Serializer for a single component within the Pojo 
AsciiSerializer Almost identical to StringSerializer except we use the US-ASCII character set code 
BigIntegerSerializer Serializer implementation for BigInteger 
BooleanSerializer Converts bytes to Boolean and vice versa 
ByteBufferOutputStream Utility to collect data written to an OutputStream in ByteBuffers. 
ByteBufferSerializer The BytesExtractor is a simple identity function. 
BytesArraySerializer A BytesArraySerializer translates the byte[] to and from ByteBuffer. 
CharSerializer Uses Char Serializer 
DateSerializer Converts bytes to Date and vice versa, by first converting the Date to or from a long which represents the specified number of milliseconds since the standard base time known as "the Unix epoch", that is January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 UTC. 
DoubleSerializer Uses LongSerializer via translating Doubles to and from raw long bytes form. 
FloatSerializer Uses IntSerializer via translating Float objects to and from raw long bytes form. 
IntegerSerializer Converts bytes to Integer and vice versa 
JaxbSerializer Serializes Objects using Jaxb. 
LongSerializer Converts bytes to Long and vise a versa 
ObjectSerializer The ObjectSerializer is used to turn objects into their binary representations. 
PrefixedSerializer<P, S>  
SerializerPackageImpl Basic implementation of SerializerPackage which can be configured either from a ColumnFamilyDefinition or by manually setting either the ComparatorType or Serializer for keys, columns and values. 
SerializerTypeInferer Utility class that infers the concrete Serializer needed to turn a value into its binary representation 
ShortSerializer Serializer for Shorts (no pun intended). 
StringSerializer A StringSerializer translates the byte[] to and from string using utf-8 encoding. 
TypeInferringSerializer<T> A serializer that dynamically delegates to a proper serializer based on the value passed 
UUIDSerializer A UUIDSerializer translates the byte[] to and from UUID types.