Message digest classes.


GeneralDigest base implementation of MD4 family style digest as outlined in "Handbook of Applied Cryptography", pages 344 - 347. 
GOST3411Digest implementation of GOST R 34.11-94  
LongDigest Base class for SHA-384 and SHA-512. 
MD2Digest implementation of MD2 as outlined in RFC1319 by B.Kaliski from RSA Laboratories April 1992  
MD4Digest implementation of MD4 as RFC 1320 by R. 
MD5Digest implementation of MD5 as outlined in "Handbook of Applied Cryptography", pages 346 - 347. 
RIPEMD128Digest implementation of RIPEMD128  
RIPEMD160Digest implementation of RIPEMD see,  
RIPEMD256Digest implementation of RIPEMD256. 
RIPEMD320Digest implementation of RIPEMD 320. 
SHA1Digest implementation of SHA-1 as outlined in "Handbook of Applied Cryptography", pages 346 - 349. 
SHA224Digest SHA-224 as described in RFC 3874
         block  word  digest
 SHA-1   512    32    160
 SHA-224 512    32    224
 SHA-256 512    32    256
 SHA-384 1024   64    384
 SHA-512 1024   64    512
SHA256Digest FIPS 180-2 implementation of SHA-256. 
SHA384Digest FIPS 180-2 implementation of SHA-384. 
SHA512Digest FIPS 180-2 implementation of SHA-512. 
ShortenedDigest Wrapper class that reduces the output length of a particular digest to only the first n bytes of the digest function. 
TigerDigest implementation of Tiger based on:  
WhirlpoolDigest Implementation of WhirlpoolDigest, based on Java source published by Barreto and Rijmen.