Utility classes for use with the JCE.

The classes in this package support the generation of certificates and PKCS10 signing requests.

Note: the PKCS7 class is deprecated, for a fuller version of CMS see the cms package distributed with the BC mail API.


ECGOST3410NamedCurveTable a table of locally supported named curves. 
ECKeyUtil Utility class to allow conversion of EC key parameters to explicit from named curves and back (where possible). 
ECNamedCurveTable a table of locally supported named curves. 
ECPointUtil Utility class for handling EC point decoding. 
PKCS10CertificationRequest A class for verifying and creating PKCS10 Certification requests. 
PKCS12Util Utility class for reencoding PKCS#12 files to definite length. 
PrincipalUtil a utility class that will extract X509Principal objects from X.509 certificates. 
ProviderConfigurationPermission A permission class to define what can be done with the ConfigurableProvider interface. 
X509KeyUsage A holding class for constructing an X509 Key Usage extension. 
X509LDAPCertStoreParameters An expanded set of parameters for an LDAPCertStore  
X509Principal a general extension of X509Name with a couple of extra methods and constructors.