Implementation package supporting the time zones.

Provides support for implementing time zones. DateTimeZone uses these classes internally, but most applications need not use them directly.


NameProvider Service provider factory for localized time zone names. 
Provider Service provider factory for time zones. 


CachedDateTimeZone Improves the performance of requesting time zone offsets and name keys by caching the results. 
DateTimeZoneBuilder DateTimeZoneBuilder allows complex DateTimeZones to be constructed. 
DefaultNameProvider The default name provider acquires localized names from DateFormatSymbols java.text.DateFormatSymbols. 
FixedDateTimeZone Basic DateTimeZone implementation that has a fixed name key and offsets. 
TestAll Entry point for all tests in this package. 
TestBuilder Test cases for DateTimeZoneBuilder. 
TestCompiler Test cases for ZoneInfoCompiler. 
TestFixedDateTimeZone Test cases for FixedDateTimeZone. 
TestUTCProvider This class is a JUnit test for UTCProvider. 
UTCProvider Simple time zone provider that supports only UTC. 
ZoneInfoCompiler Compiles Olson ZoneInfo database files into binary files for each time zone in the database. 
ZoneInfoProvider ZoneInfoProvider loads compiled data files as generated by ZoneInfoCompiler