Observer An interface for observing the state of a Transaction. 


DefaultRetryScheme Default retry scheme, based on specs. 
MessagingNotification This class is used to update the notification indicator. 
MmsSystemEventReceiver MmsSystemEventReceiver receives the android.content.intent.ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED, and performs a series of operations which may include:
  • Show/hide the icon in notification area which is used to indicate whether there is new incoming message. 
NotificationTransaction The NotificationTransaction is responsible for handling multimedia message notifications (M-Notification.ind). 
Observable An interface to represent the state of an observable Transaction. 
PrivilegedSmsReceiver This class exists specifically to allow us to require permissions checks on SMS_RECEIVED broadcasts that are not applicable to other kinds of broadcast messages handled by the SmsReceiver base class. 
PushReceiver Receives Intent.WAP_PUSH_RECEIVED_ACTION intents and starts the TransactionService by passing the push-data to it. 
ReadRecTransaction The ReadRecTransaction is responsible for sending read report notifications (M-read-rec.ind) to clients that have requested them. 
RetrieveTransaction The RetrieveTransaction is responsible for retrieving multimedia messages (M-Retrieve.conf) from the MMSC server. 
SendTransaction The SendTransaction is responsible for sending multimedia messages (M-Send.req) to the MMSC server. 
SimFullReceiver Receive Intent.SIM_FULL_ACTION. 
SmsReceiver Handle incoming SMSes. 
SmsReceiverService This service essentially plays the role of a "worker thread", allowing us to store incoming messages to the database, update notifications, etc. 
SmsRejectedReceiver Receive Intent.SMS_REJECTED. 
Transaction Transaction is an abstract class for notification transaction, send transaction and other transactions described in MMS spec. 
TransactionBundle A wrapper around the Bundle instances used to start the TransactionService. 
TransactionService The TransactionService of the MMS Client is responsible for handling requests to initiate client-transactions sent from:
  • The Proxy-Relay (Through Push messages)
  • The composer/viewer activities of the MMS Client (Through intents)
The TransactionService runs locally in the same process as the application. 
TransactionSettings Container of transaction settings. 
TransactionState TransactionState intends to encapsulate all the informations which would be known by the observers of transactions.