ElementExclusiveTimeContainer This interface defines a time container with semantics based upon par, but with the additional constraint that only one child element may play at a time. 
ElementLayout This interface is used by SMIL elements root-layout, top-layout and region. 
ElementParallelTimeContainer A parallel container defines a simple parallel time grouping in which multiple elements can play back at the same time. 
ElementSequentialTimeContainer A seq container defines a sequence of elements in which elements play one after the other. 
ElementSyncBehavior The synchronization behavior extension. 
ElementTargetAttributes This interface define the set of animation target extensions. 
ElementTest Defines the test attributes interface. 
ElementTime This interface defines the set of timing attributes that are common to all timed elements. 
ElementTimeContainer This is a placeholder - subject to change. 
ElementTimeManipulation This interface support use-cases commonly associated with animation. 
SMILAnimateColorElement This interface represents the SMIL animateColor element. 
SMILAnimateElement This interface represents the SMIL animate element. 
SMILAnimateMotionElement This interface present the animationMotion element in SMIL. 
SMILAnimation This interface define the set of animation extensions for SMIL. 
SMILDocument A SMIL document is the root of the SMIL Hierarchy and holds the entire content. 
SMILElement The SMILElement interface is the base for all SMIL element types. 
SMILLayoutElement Declares layout type for the document. 
SMILMediaElement Declares media content. 
SMILRefElement // audio, video, ... 
SMILRegionElement Controls the position, size and scaling of media object elements. 
SMILRegionInterface Declares rendering surface for an element. 
SMILRootLayoutElement Declares layout properties for the root-layout element. 
SMILSetElement This interface represents the set element. 
SMILSwitchElement Defines a block of content control. 
SMILTopLayoutElement Declares layout properties for the top-layout element. 
Time The Time interface is a datatype that represents times within the timegraph. 
TimeEvent The TimeEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with Time events. 
TimeList The TimeList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of times, without defining or constraining how this collection is implemented.