AdaptableSlideViewInterface The view interface of a slide which elements can be resize. 
NumberPickerDialog.OnNumberSetListener The callback interface used to indicate the user is done filling in the time (they clicked on the 'Set' button). 
SlideViewInterface Defines the interfaces of the view to show contents of a slide. 
ViewInterface Top-level interfaces of views. 


AttachmentEditor This is an embedded editor/view to add photos and sound/video clips into a multimedia message. 
AttachmentTypeSelectorAdapter An adapter to store icons and strings for attachment type list. 
AudioAttachmentView This class provides an embedded editor/viewer of audio attachment. 
BasicSlideEditorView This is a basic view to show and edit a slide. 
ClassZeroActivity Display a class-zero SMS message to the user. 
ComposeMessageActivity This is the main UI for: 1. 
ConversationList This activity provides a list view of existing conversations. 
ConversationListAdapter The back-end data adapter for ConversationList. 
ConversationListItem This class manages the view for given conversation. 
ConversationListItemData A holder class for a conversation header. 
DeliveryReportActivity This is the UI for displaying a delivery report: This activity can handle the following parameters from the intent by which it is launched: thread_id long The id of the conversation from which to get the recipients for the report. 
DeliveryReportAdapter The back-end data adapter for DeliveryReportActivity. 
DeliveryReportItem This object holds information used by the DeliveryReportAdapter to create DeliveryReportListItems. 
DeliveryReportListItem This class displays the status for a single recipient of a message. 
EditSlideDurationActivity This activity provides the function to edit the duration of given slide. 
IconListAdapter An adapter to store icons. 
ImageAttachmentView This class provides an embedded editor/viewer of picture attachment. 
LayoutSelectorAdapter An adapter to store icons and strings for layout selector list. 
ManageSimMessages Displays a list of the SMS messages stored on the ICC. 
MessageItem Mostly immutable model for an SMS/MMS message. 
MessageListAdapter The back-end data adapter of a message list. 
MessageListItem This class provides view of a message in the messages list. 
MessageUtils An utility class for managing messages. 
MessagingPreferenceActivity With this activity, users can set preferences for MMS and SMS and can access and manipulate SMS messages stored on the SIM. 
NumberPickerDialog A dialog that prompts the user for the message deletion limits. 
Presenter An abstract message presenter. 
PresenterFactory The factory of concrete presenters. 
RecipientsAdapter This adapter is used to filter contacts on both name and number. 
RecipientsEditor Provide UI for editing the recipients of multi-media messages. 
SearchActivity Presents a List of search results. 
SlideEditorActivity This activity allows user to edit the contents of a slide. 
SlideListItemView A simplified view of slide in the slides list. 
SlideshowActivity Plays the given slideshow in full-screen mode with a common controller. 
SlideshowAttachmentView This class provides an embedded editor/viewer of slide-show attachment. 
SlideshowEditActivity A list of slides which allows user to edit each item in it. 
SlideshowEditor An utility to edit contents of a slide. 
SlideshowPresenter A basic presenter of slides. 
SlideView A basic view to show the contents of a slide. 
VideoAttachmentView This class provides an embedded editor/viewer of video attachment. 
WarnOfStorageLimitsActivity This is the UI for telling the user about the storage limit setting.