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AbsoluteTimeDateFormat Formats a Date in the format "HH:mm:ss,SSS" for example, "15:49:37,459". 

A LogRecord to be used with the LogMonitorAdapter

Agent This class is deprecated. No replacement. 
Appender Implement this interface for your own strategies for outputting log statements. 
AppenderAttachable Interface for attaching appenders to objects. 
AppenderAttachableImpl A straightforward implementation of the AppenderAttachable interface. 
AppenderFinalizer AppenderFinalizer has a single method that will finalize resources associated with a LogBrokerMonitor in the event that the LF5Appender class is destroyed, and the class loader is garbage collected. 
AppenderSkeleton Abstract superclass of the other appenders in the package. 
AsyncAppender The AsyncAppender lets users log events asynchronously. 
AttributesRenderer Render org.xml.sax.Attributes objects. 


BasicConfigurator Use this class to quickly configure the package. 
BoundedFIFO BoundedFIFO serves as the bounded first-in-first-out buffer heavily used by the AsyncAppender
BridgePatternConverter The class implements the pre log4j 1.3 org.apache.log4j.helpers.PatternConverter contract by delegating to the log4j 1.3 pattern implementation. 
BridgePatternParser The class implements the pre log4j 1.3 org.apache.log4j.helpers.PatternConverter contract by delegating to the log4j 1.3 pattern implementation. 


CachedDateFormat CachedDateFormat optimizes the performance of a wrapped DateFormat. 
Category This class has been deprecated and replaced by the Logger subclass
CategoryAbstractCellEditor CategoryAbstractCellEditor. 
CategoryElement CategoryElement represents a single element or part of a Category. 
CategoryExplorerLogRecordFilter An implementation of LogRecordFilter based on a CategoryExplorerModel 
CategoryExplorerModel CategoryExplorerModel 
CategoryExplorerTree CategoryExplorerTree 
CategoryImmediateEditor CategoryImmediateEditor 
CategoryNode CategoryNode 
CategoryNodeEditor CategoryNodeEditor 
CategoryNodeEditorRenderer CategoryNodeEditorRenderer 
CategoryNodeRenderer CategoryNodeRenderer 
CategoryPath CategoryPath is a collection of CategoryItems which represent a path of categories. 
ClassNamePatternConverter Formats the class name of the site of the logging request. 

ConfigurationManager handles the storage and retrival of the state of the CategoryExplorer 

Configurator Implemented by classes capable of configuring log4j using a URL. 
ConsoleAppender ConsoleAppender appends log events to System.out or System.err using a layout specified by the user. 
CountingQuietWriter Counts the number of bytes written. 
CyclicBuffer CyclicBuffer is used by other appenders to hold LoggingEvents for immediate or differed display. 


DailyRollingFileAppender DailyRollingFileAppender extends FileAppender so that the underlying file is rolled over at a user chosen frequency. 
DateFormatManager Date format manager. 
DateLayout This abstract layout takes care of all the date related options and formatting work. 
DatePatternConverter Convert and format the event's date in a StringBuffer. 
DateTimeDateFormat Formats a Date in the format "dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss,SSS" for example, "06 Nov 1994 15:49:37,459". 
DefaultLF5Configurator The DefaultLF5Configurator provides a default configuration for the LF5Appender
DefaultThrowableRenderer Default implementation of ThrowableRenderer using Throwable.printStackTrace. 
DenyAllFilter This filter drops all logging events. 
DOMConfigurator Use this class to initialize the log4j environment using a DOM tree. 


EnhancedPatternLayout This class is an enhanced version of org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout which was originally developed as part of the abandoned log4j 1.3 effort and has been available in the extras companion. 
EnhancedThrowableRenderer Enhanced implementation of ThrowableRenderer. 
ErrorCode This interface defines commonly encoutered error codes. 
ErrorHandler Appenders may delegate their error handling to ErrorHandlers
ExternallyRolledFileAppender This appender listens on a socket on the port specified by the Port property for a "RollOver" message. 


FallbackErrorHandler The FallbackErrorHandler implements the ErrorHandler interface such that a secondary appender may be specified. 
FileAppender FileAppender appends log events to a file. 
FileDatePatternConverter Formats an date by delegating to DatePatternConverter. 
FileLocationPatternConverter Return the event's line location information in a StringBuffer. 
FileWatchdog Check every now and then that a certain file has not changed. 
Filter Users should extend this class to implement customized logging event filtering. 
FilteredLogTableModel A TableModel for LogRecords which includes filtering support. 
FormattingInfo FormattingInfo instances contain the information obtained when parsing formatting modifiers in conversion modifiers. 
FormattingInfo Modifies the output of a pattern converter for a specified minimum and maximum width and alignment. 
FullLocationPatternConverter Format the event's line location information. 


Hierarchy This class is specialized in retrieving loggers by name and also maintaining the logger hierarchy. 
HierarchyEventListener Listen to events occuring within a Hierarchy
HTMLLayout This layout outputs events in a HTML table. 


IntegerPatternConverter Formats an integer. 
ISO8601DateFormat Formats a Date in the format "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,SSS" for example "1999-11-27 15:49:37,459". 


JDBCAppender The JDBCAppender provides for sending log events to a database. 
JMSAppender A simple appender that publishes events to a JMS Topic. 
JMSSink A simple application that consumes logging events sent by a JMSAppender


Layout Extend this abstract class to create your own log layout format. 
Level Defines the minimum set of levels recognized by the system, that is OFF, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFODEBUG and ALL
LevelMatchFilter This is a very simple filter based on level matching. 
LevelPatternConverter Return the event's level in a StringBuffer. 
LevelRangeFilter This is a very simple filter based on level matching, which can be used to reject messages with priorities outside a certain range. 
LF5Appender LF5Appender logs events to a swing based logging console. 
LF5SwingUtils Provides methods to accomplish common yet non-trivial tasks with Swing. 
LineLocationPatternConverter Return the event's line location information in a StringBuffer. 
LineSeparatorPatternConverter Formats a line separator. 
LiteralPatternConverter Formats a string literal. 
Loader Load resources (or images) from various sources. 
LocationInfo The internal representation of caller location information. 
Log4jEntityResolver An EntityResolver specifically designed to return log4j.dtd which is embedded within the log4j jar file. 
Log4JLogRecord A Log4JLogRecord encapsulates the details of your log4j LoggingEvent in a format usable by the LogBrokerMonitor
LogBrokerMonitor LogBrokerMonitor . 
LogEvent This class is a copy of o.a.l.spi.LoggingEvent from log4j 1.2.15 which has been renamed to keep the same overall class name length to allow a serialization written with a prior instance of o.a.l.spi.LoggingEvent to be deserialized with this class just by mangling the class name in the byte stream. 
LogFactor5Dialog LogFactor5Dialog 
LogFactor5ErrorDialog LogFactor5ErrorDialog 
LogFactor5InputDialog LogFactor5InputDialog Creates a popup input dialog box so that users can enter a URL to open a log file from. 
LogFactor5LoadingDialog LogFactor5LoadingDialog 
LogFileParser Provides utility methods for input and output streams. 
Logger This is the central class in the log4j package. 
LoggerFactory Implement this interface to create new instances of Logger or a sub-class of Logger. 
LoggerPatternConverter Formats a logger name. 
LoggerRepository A LoggerRepository is used to create and retrieve Loggers
LoggingEvent The internal representation of logging events. 
LoggingEventPatternConverter LoggingEventPatternConverter is a base class for pattern converters that can format information from instances of LoggingEvent. 
LogLevel The LogLevel class defines a set of standard logging levels. 
LogLevelFormatException Thrown to indicate that the client has attempted to convert a string to one the LogLevel types, but the string does not have the appropriate format. 
LogLog This class used to output log statements from within the log4j package. 
LogManager Use the LogManager class to retreive Logger instances or to operate on the current LoggerRepository
LogMF This class provides parameterized logging services using the pattern syntax of java.text.MessageFormat. 

LogMonitorAdapter facilitates the usage of the LogMonitor

LogRecord LogRecord. 
LogRecordFilter An interface for classes which filters LogRecords. 
LogSF This class provides parameterized logging services using the SLF4J pattern syntax. 
LogTable LogTable. 
LogTableColumn LogTableColumn 
LogTableColumnFormatException Thrown to indicate that the client has attempted to convert a string to one the LogLevel types, but the string does not have the appropriate format. 
LogTableModel LogTableModel 
LogTableRowRenderer LogTableRowRenderer 
LogXF This is a base class for LogMF and LogSF parameterized logging classes. 


Main The main application. 
MDC The MDC class is similar to the NDC class except that it is based on a map instead of a stack. 
MessagePatternConverter Return the event's rendered message in a StringBuffer. 
MessageRenderer Render javax.jms.Message objects. 
MethodLocationPatternConverter Return the event's line location information in a StringBuffer. 

MRUFileManager handles the storage and retrival the most recently opened log files. 


NameAbbreviator NameAbbreviator generates abbreviated logger and class names. 
NamePatternConverter Base class for other pattern converters which can return only parts of their name. 
NDC The NDC class implements nested diagnostic contexts as defined by Neil Harrison in the article "Patterns for Logging Diagnostic Messages" part of the book "Pattern Languages of Program Design 3" edited by Martin et al. 
NDCPatternConverter Return the event's NDC in a StringBuffer. 
NOPLogger No-operation implementation of Logger used by NOPLoggerRepository. 
NOPLoggerRepository No-operation implementation of LoggerRepository which is used when LogManager.repositorySelector is erroneously nulled during class reloading. 
NTEventLogAppender Append to the NT event log system. 
NullAppender A NullAppender merely exists, it never outputs a message to any device. 
NullEnumeration An always-empty Enumerator. 


ObjectRenderer Implement this interface in order to render objects as strings. 
OnlyOnceErrorHandler The OnlyOnceErrorHandler implements log4j's default error handling policy which consists of emitting a message for the first error in an appender and ignoring all following errors. 
OptionConverter A convenience class to convert property values to specific types. 
OptionHandler A string based interface to configure package components. 


PassingLogRecordFilter An implementation of LogRecordFilter which always returns true. 

PatternConverter is an abtract class that provides the formatting functionality that derived classes need. 


PatternConverter is an abstract class that provides the formatting functionality that derived classes need. 

PatternLayout A flexible layout configurable with pattern string. 
PatternParser Most of the work of the PatternLayout class is delegated to the PatternParser class. 
PatternParser Most of the work of the EnhancedPatternLayout class is delegated to the PatternParser class. 
Priority Refrain from using this class directly, use the Level class instead
PropertiesPatternConverter Able to handle the contents of the LoggingEvent's Property bundle and either output the entire contents of the properties in a similar format to the java.util.Hashtable.toString(), or to output the value of a specific key within the property bundle when this pattern converter has the option set. 
PropertyConfigurator Allows the configuration of log4j from an external file. 
PropertyGetter Used for inferring configuration information for a log4j's component. 
PropertyPrinter Prints the configuration of the log4j default hierarchy (which needs to be auto-initialized) as a propoperties file on a PrintWriter. 
PropertySetter General purpose Object property setter. 
PropertySetterException Thrown when an error is encountered whilst attempting to set a property using the PropertySetter utility class. 


QuietWriter QuietWriter does not throw exceptions when things go wrong. 


RelativeTimeDateFormat Formats a Date by printing the number of milliseconds elapsed since construction of the format. 
RelativeTimePatternConverter Return the relative time in milliseconds since loading of the LoggingEvent class. 
RendererMap Map class objects to an ObjectRenderer
RepositorySelector The LogManager uses one (and only one) RepositorySelector implementation to select the LoggerRepository for a particular application context. 
Resource Resource encapsulates access to Resources via the Classloader. 
ResourceUtils ResourceUtils. 
Roller A simple application to send roll over messages to a potentially remote ExternallyRolledFileAppender
RollingFileAppender RollingFileAppender extends FileAppender to backup the log files when they reach a certain size. 
RootCategory This class is deprecated. Replaced by RootLogger.  
RootLogger RootLogger sits at the top of the logger hierachy. 


SequenceNumberPatternConverter Formats the event sequence number. 
SimpleLayout SimpleLayout consists of the level of the log statement, followed by " - " and then the log message itself. 
SimpleSocketServer A simple SocketNode based server. 
SMTPAppender Send an e-mail when a specific logging event occurs, typically on errors or fatal errors. 
SocketAppender Sends LoggingEvent objects to a remote a log server, usually a SocketNode
SocketHubAppender Sends LoggingEvent objects to a set of remote log servers, usually a SocketNodes
SocketNode Read LoggingEvent objects sent from a remote client using Sockets (TCP). 
SocketServer A SocketNode based server that uses a different hierarchy for each client. 
StartLogFactor5 Starts an instance of the LogFactor5 console for off-line viewing. 
StreamUtils Provides utility methods for input and output streams. 
StringMatchFilter This is a very simple filter based on string matching. 
SyslogAppender Use SyslogAppender to send log messages to a remote syslog daemon. 
SyslogQuietWriter SyslogQuietWriter extends QuietWriter by prepending the syslog level code before each printed String. 
SyslogWriter SyslogWriter is a wrapper around the class so that it behaves like a 



The TelnetAppender is a log4j appender that specializes in writing to a read-only socket. 

TelnetAppender.SocketHandler The SocketHandler class is used to accept connections from clients. 
ThreadGroupRenderer Render ThreadGroup objects in a format similar to the information output by the list() method. 
ThreadLocalMap ThreadLocalMap extends InheritableThreadLocal to bequeath a copy of the hashtable of the MDC of the parent thread. 
ThreadPatternConverter Formats the event thread name. 
ThrowableInformation ThrowableInformation is log4j's internal representation of throwables. 
ThrowableInformationPatternConverter Outputs the ThrowableInformation portion of the LoggingEvent. 
ThrowableRenderer Implemented by classes that render instances of java.lang.Throwable (exceptions and errors) into a string representation. 
ThrowableRendererSupport Implemented by logger repositories that support configurable rendering of Throwables. 
TrackingAdjustmentListener An AdjustmentListener which ensures that an Adjustable (e.g. 
Transform Utility class for transforming strings. 
TreeModelAdapter Default implementation of TreeModelListener which does nothing. 
TriggeringEventEvaluator Implementions of this interface allow certain appenders to decide when to perform an appender specific action. 
TTCCLayout TTCC layout format consists of time, thread, category and nested diagnostic context information, hence the name. 


UnrecognizedElementHandler When implemented by an object configured by DOMConfigurator, the handle method will be called when an unrecognized child element is encountered. 


WriterAppender WriterAppender appends log events to a or an depending on the user's choice. 


XMLLayout The output of the XMLLayout consists of a series of log4j:event elements as defined in the log4j.dtd
XMLSample This example code shows how to read an XML based configuration file using a DOM parser.