public interface


implements XMLDocumentSource
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Class Overview

This interface defines a generic document scanner. This interface allows a scanner to be used interchangably in existing parser configurations.

If the parser configuration uses a document scanner that implements this interface, components should be able to query the scanner instance from the component manager using the following property identifier:



Public Methods
abstract boolean scanDocument(boolean complete)
Scans a document.
abstract void setInputSource(XMLInputSource inputSource)
Sets the input source.
Inherited Methods
From interface org.apache.xerces.xni.parser.XMLDocumentSource

Public Methods

public abstract boolean scanDocument (boolean complete)

Scans a document.

complete True if the scanner should scan the document completely, pushing all events to the registered document handler. A value of false indicates that that the scanner should only scan the next portion of the document and return. A scanner instance is permitted to completely scan a document if it does not support this "pull" scanning model.
  • True if there is more to scan, false otherwise.

public abstract void setInputSource (XMLInputSource inputSource)

Sets the input source.

inputSource The input source.
IOException Thrown on i/o error.