Implementations of interfaces specified in the client API, and their supporting classes.


ExceptionHandler Interface to an exception-handling object. 
FrameHandler Interface to a frame handler. 


AMQChannel Base class modelling an AMQ channel. 
AMQCommand AMQ-specific implementation of Command which accumulates method, header and body from a series of frames, unless these are supplied at construction time. 
AMQConnection Concrete class representing and managing an AMQP connection to a broker. 
AMQContentHeader Implementation of ContentHeader - specialized by autogenerated code in 
ChannelManager Manages a set of channels, indexed by channel number (1.._channelMax). 
ChannelN Main interface to AMQP protocol functionality. 
ContentHeaderPropertyReader Parses an AMQP wire-protocol ContentHeader from a DataInputStream. 
ContentHeaderPropertyWriter Generates an AMQP wire-protocol packet from a ContentHeader
CRDemoMechanism Provides equivalent security to PLAIN but demos use of Connection.Secure(Ok) START-OK: Username SECURE: "Please tell me your password" SECURE-OK: Password  
ExternalMechanism The EXTERNAL auth mechanism  
Frame Represents an AMQP wire-protocol frame, with frame type, channel number, and payload bytes. 
LongStringHelper Utility for working with LongStrings. 
Method Base class for AMQP method objects, specialized by autogenerated code in 
MethodArgumentReader Parses AMQP wire-protocol Method arguments from a DataInputStream. 
MethodArgumentWriter Generates AMQP wire-protocol encoded arguments. 
PlainMechanism The PLAIN auth mechanism  
SetQueue<T> A generic queue-like implementation (supporting operations addIfNotPresent, poll, contains, and isEmpty) which restricts a queue element to appear at most once. 
SocketFrameHandler A socket-based frame handler. 
TruncatedInputStream Utility stream: proxies another stream, making it appear to be no longer than a preset limit. 
ValueReader Helper class to read AMQP wire-protocol encoded values. 
ValueWriter Helper class to generate AMQP wire-protocol encoded values. 
Version Encapsulation of AMQP protocol version  
WorkPool<K, W> This is a generic implementation of the Channels specification in Channeling Work, Nov 2010 (channels.pdf).