The client API proper: classes and interfaces representing the AMQP connections, channels, and wire-protocol framing descriptors.


Channel Public API: Interface to an AMQ channel. 
Command Interface to a container for an AMQP method-and-arguments, with optional content header and body. 
ConfirmListener Implement this interface in order to be notified of Confirm events. 
Connection Public API: Interface to an AMQ connection. 
Consumer Interface for application callback objects to receive notifications and messages from a queue by subscription. 
ContentHeader Public API for abstract AMQP content header objects. 
FlowListener Implement this interface in order to be notified of Channel.Flow events. 
LongString An object providing access to a LongString. 
Method Public interface to objects representing an AMQP method - see the spec for details. 
ReturnListener Implement this interface in order to be notified of failed deliveries when basicPublish is called with "mandatory" or "immediate" flags set. 
SaslConfig This interface represents a hook to allow you to control how exactly a sasl client is selected during authentication. 
SaslMechanism Our own view of a SASL authentication mechanism, introduced to remove a dependency on 
ShutdownNotifier Interface for components that are shutdown capable and that allow listeners to be added for shutdown signals 


Address A representation of network addresses, i.e. 
ConnectionFactory Convenience "factory" class to facilitate opening a Connection to an AMQP broker. 
DefaultConsumer Convenience class providing a default implementation of Consumer
DefaultSaslConfig Default SASL configuration. 
Envelope Encapsulates a group of parameters used for AMQP's Basic methods  
GetResponse Encapsulates the response from a basicGet(String, boolean) message-retrieval method call - essentially a static bean "holder" with message response data. 
JDKSaslConfig Implementation of SaslConfig that uses the JDK SASL implementation. 
MapRpcServer Subclass of RpcServer which uses AMQP wire-format encoded tables as requests and replies. 
MessageProperties Constant holder class with useful static instances of AMQContentHeader
NullTrustManager Convenience class providing a default implementation of 
QueueingConsumer Convenience class: an implementation of Consumer with straightforward blocking semantics. 
QueueingConsumer.Delivery Encapsulates an arbitrary message - simple "bean" holder structure. 
RpcClient Convenience class which manages a temporary reply queue for simple RPC-style communication. 
RpcServer Class which manages a request queue for a simple RPC-style service. 
StringRpcServer Subclass of RpcServer which accepts UTF-8 string requests. 


MalformedFrameException Encapsulates a frame format error at the wire level. 
MissedHeartbeatException Encapsulates an exception indicating that the connection has missed too many heartbeats and is being shut down. 
PossibleAuthenticationFailureException Thrown when the likely cause is an authentication failure. 
ProtocolVersionMismatchException Thrown to indicate that the server does not support the wire protocol version we requested immediately after opening the TCP socket. 
ShutdownSignalException Encapsulates a shutdown condition for a connection to an AMQP broker. 
UnknownClassOrMethodId Thrown when the protocol handlers detect an unknown class number or method number. 


UnexpectedFrameError Thrown when the command parser hits an unexpected frame type. 
UnexpectedMethodError Indicates that a Method object was supplied that was not expected.