Utility package of helper classes, mostly used in the implementation code.


SensibleClone<T extends SensibleClone<T>> This interface exists as a workaround for the annoyingness of java.lang.Cloneable. 


BlockingCell<T> Simple one-shot IPC mechanism. 
BlockingValueOrException<V, E extends Throwable & SensibleClone<E>>  
IntAllocator A class for allocating integers from a given range that uses a BitSet representation of the free integers. 
SingleShotLinearTimer This class provides a very stripped-down clone of some of the functionality in java.util.Timer (notably Timer.schedule(TimerTask task, long delay) but uses System.nanoTime() rather than System.currentTimeMillis() as a measure of the underlying time, and thus behaves correctly if the system clock jumps around. 
Utility Catch-all holder class for static helper methods. 
ValueOrException<V, E extends Throwable & SensibleClone<E>>