Default wrappers and implementations for Subscriber-based consumer classes and interfaces; utility classes for creating them from callbacks.


DefaultSubscriber<T> Abstract base implementation of a org.reactivestreams.Subscriber Subscriber with support for requesting via request(long), cancelling via via cancel() (both synchronously) and calls onStart() when the subscription happens. 
DisposableSubscriber<T> An abstract Subscriber that allows asynchronous, external cancellation by implementing Disposable. 
ResourceSubscriber<T> An abstract Subscriber that allows asynchronous cancellation of its subscription and associated resources. 
SafeSubscriber<T> Wraps another Subscriber and ensures all onXXX methods conform the protocol (except the requirement for serialized access). 
SerializedSubscriber<T> Serializes access to the onNext, onError and onComplete methods of another Subscriber. 
TestSubscriber<T> A subscriber that records events and allows making assertions about them.