public class


extends Object
implements ListIterator<E>
   ↳ org.apache.commons.collections.CursorableLinkedList.Cursor


Public Methods
void add(Object o)
void close()
Mark this cursor as no longer being needed.
boolean hasNext()
boolean hasPrevious()
Object next()
int nextIndex()
Object previous()
int previousIndex()
void remove()
void set(Object o)
Protected Methods
void checkForComod()
void invalidate()
void listableChanged(CursorableLinkedList.Listable elt)
void listableInserted(CursorableLinkedList.Listable elt)
void listableRemoved(CursorableLinkedList.Listable elt)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface java.util.Iterator
From interface java.util.ListIterator

Public Methods

public void add (Object o)

public void close ()

Mark this cursor as no longer being needed. Any resources associated with this cursor are immediately released. In previous versions of this class, it was mandatory to close all cursor objects to avoid memory leaks. It is no longer necessary to call this close method; an instance of this class can now be treated exactly like a normal iterator.

public boolean hasNext ()

public boolean hasPrevious ()

public Object next ()

public int nextIndex ()

public Object previous ()

public int previousIndex ()

public void remove ()

public void set (Object o)

Protected Methods

protected void checkForComod ()

protected void invalidate ()

protected void listableChanged (CursorableLinkedList.Listable elt)

protected void listableInserted (CursorableLinkedList.Listable elt)

protected void listableRemoved (CursorableLinkedList.Listable elt)