The core HTTP components based on non-blocking I/O model (HttpCore NIO).

This layer defines interfaces for transferring HTTP messages over non-blocking HTTP connections and protocol handlers for processing HTTP messages asynchronously.


ContentDecoder Abstract HTTP content decoder. 
ContentEncoder Abstract HTTP content encoder. 
FileContentDecoder A content decoder capable of transferring data directly to a FileChannel 
FileContentEncoder A content encoder capable of transferring data directly from a FileChannel 
IOControl Connection input/output control interface. 
NHttpClientConnection Abstract non-blocking client-side HTTP connection interface. 
NHttpClientHandler Abstract client-side HTTP protocol handler. 
NHttpClientIOTarget Extended version of the NHttpClientConnection used by IOEventDispatch implementations to inform client-side connection objects of I/O events. 
NHttpConnection Abstract non-blocking HTTP connection interface. 
NHttpMessageParser<T extends HttpMessage> Abstract HTTP message parser for non-blocking connections. 
NHttpMessageWriter<T extends HttpMessage> Abstract HTTP message writer for non-blocking connections. 
NHttpServerConnection Abstract non-blocking server-side HTTP connection interface. 
NHttpServerIOTarget Extended version of the NHttpServerConnection used by IOEventDispatch implementations to inform server-side connection objects of I/O events. 
NHttpServiceHandler Abstract server-side HTTP protocol handler. 


ContentDecoderChannel A ReadableByteChannel that delegates to a ContentDecoder
ContentEncoderChannel A WritableByteChannel that delegates to a ContentEncoder