Package Index

org.apache.http.impl.nio Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.nio.
org.apache.http.impl.nio.codecs Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.nio.codecs.
org.apache.http.impl.nio.reactor Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.nio including default I/O reactor implementations and support for SSL/TLS transport security.
org.apache.http.nio The core HTTP components based on non-blocking I/O model (HttpCore NIO).
org.apache.http.nio.entity Representations for non-blocking HTTP message entities.
org.apache.http.nio.params HTTP parameters for I/O reactors based on NIO model.
org.apache.http.nio.protocol Non-blocking HTTP protocol execution framework.
org.apache.http.nio.reactor API for event driven NIO based on Doug Lea's reactor pattern.
org.apache.http.nio.util Various buffering primitives intended to facilitate content streaming for non-blocking HTTP connections.