API for event driven NIO based on Doug Lea's reactor pattern. This API is not specific to HTTP communication. However, it is minimal in the sense that it defines only what is required within the scope of HTTP components.


ConnectingIOReactor ConnectingIOReactor represents an I/O reactor capable of establishing connections to remote hosts. 
EventMask Type of I/O event notifications I/O sessions can declare interest in. 
IOEventDispatch IOEventDispatch interface is used by I/O reactors to notify clients of I/O events pending for a particular session. 
IOReactor HttpCore NIO is based on the Reactor pattern as described by Doug Lea. 
IOReactorExceptionHandler Abstract exception handler intended to deal with potentially recoverable I/O exceptions thrown by an I/O reactor. 
IOSession IOSession interface represents a sequence of logically related data exchanges between two end points. 
ListenerEndpoint ListenerEndpoint interface represents an endpoint used by an I/O reactor to listen for incoming connection from remote clients. 
ListeningIOReactor ListeningIOReactor represents an I/O reactor capable of listening for incoming connections on one or several ports. 
SessionBufferStatus SessionBufferStatus interface is intended to query the status of session I/O buffers. 
SessionInputBuffer Session input buffer for non-blocking connections. 
SessionOutputBuffer Session output buffer for non-blocking connections. 
SessionRequest SessionRequest interface represents a request to establish a new connection (or session) to a remote host. 
SessionRequestCallback SessionRequestCallback interface can be used to get notifications of completion of session requests asynchronously without having to wait for it, blocking the current thread of execution. 


IOReactorStatus IOReactorStatus represents an internal status of an I/O reactor. 


IOReactorException I/O exception that can be thrown by an I/O reactor.