public class


extends CertStoreSpi
     ↳ org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.X509LDAPCertStoreSpi

Class Overview

This is a general purpose implementation to get X.509 certificates and CRLs from a LDAP location.

At first a search is performed in the ldap*AttributeNames of the X509LDAPCertStoreParameters with the given information of the subject (for all kind of certificates) or issuer (for CRLs), respectively, if a X509CertSelector is given with that details. For CRLs, CA certificates and cross certificates a coarse search is made only for entries with that content to get more possibly matchign results.


Public Constructors
X509LDAPCertStoreSpi(CertStoreParameters params)
Public Methods
Collection engineGetCRLs(CRLSelector selector)
Collection engineGetCertificates(CertSelector selector)
Inherited Methods
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From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public X509LDAPCertStoreSpi (CertStoreParameters params)

Public Methods

public Collection engineGetCRLs (CRLSelector selector)

public Collection engineGetCertificates (CertSelector selector)