public class


extends X509Certificate
implements PKCS12BagAttributeCarrier
       ↳ org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.X509CertificateObject


Public Constructors
X509CertificateObject(X509CertificateStructure c)
Public Methods
void checkValidity()
void checkValidity(Date date)
boolean equals(Object o)
DEREncodable getBagAttribute(DERObjectIdentifier oid)
Enumeration getBagAttributeKeys()
int getBasicConstraints()
Set getCriticalExtensionOIDs()
byte[] getEncoded()
List getExtendedKeyUsage()
byte[] getExtensionValue(String oid)
Principal getIssuerDN()
boolean[] getIssuerUniqueID()
X500Principal getIssuerX500Principal()
boolean[] getKeyUsage()
Set getNonCriticalExtensionOIDs()
Date getNotAfter()
Date getNotBefore()
PublicKey getPublicKey()
BigInteger getSerialNumber()
String getSigAlgName()
return a more "meaningful" representation for the signature algorithm used in the certficate.
String getSigAlgOID()
return the object identifier for the signature.
byte[] getSigAlgParams()
return the signature parameters, or null if there aren't any.
byte[] getSignature()
Principal getSubjectDN()
boolean[] getSubjectUniqueID()
X500Principal getSubjectX500Principal()
byte[] getTBSCertificate()
int getVersion()
boolean hasUnsupportedCriticalExtension()
synchronized int hashCode()
void setBagAttribute(DERObjectIdentifier oid, DEREncodable attribute)
String toString()
final void verify(PublicKey key, String sigProvider)
final void verify(PublicKey key)
Inherited Methods
From class
From class
From class java.lang.Object
From interface
From interface org.bouncycastle.jce.interfaces.PKCS12BagAttributeCarrier

Public Constructors

public X509CertificateObject (X509CertificateStructure c)

Public Methods

public void checkValidity ()

public void checkValidity (Date date)

public boolean equals (Object o)

public DEREncodable getBagAttribute (DERObjectIdentifier oid)

public Enumeration getBagAttributeKeys ()

public int getBasicConstraints ()

public Set getCriticalExtensionOIDs ()

public byte[] getEncoded ()

public List getExtendedKeyUsage ()

public byte[] getExtensionValue (String oid)

public Principal getIssuerDN ()

public boolean[] getIssuerUniqueID ()

public X500Principal getIssuerX500Principal ()

public boolean[] getKeyUsage ()

public Set getNonCriticalExtensionOIDs ()

public Date getNotAfter ()

public Date getNotBefore ()

public PublicKey getPublicKey ()

public BigInteger getSerialNumber ()

public String getSigAlgName ()

return a more "meaningful" representation for the signature algorithm used in the certficate.

public String getSigAlgOID ()

return the object identifier for the signature.

public byte[] getSigAlgParams ()

return the signature parameters, or null if there aren't any.

public byte[] getSignature ()

public Principal getSubjectDN ()

public boolean[] getSubjectUniqueID ()

public X500Principal getSubjectX500Principal ()

public byte[] getTBSCertificate ()

public int getVersion ()

public boolean hasUnsupportedCriticalExtension ()

public synchronized int hashCode ()

public void setBagAttribute (DERObjectIdentifier oid, DEREncodable attribute)

public String toString ()