Core support for the plug-in renderers used by the CategoryPlot and XYPlot classes.


PaintScale A source for Paint instances, used by the XYBlockRenderer
PolarItemRenderer The interface for a renderer that can be used by the PolarPlot class. 


AbstractRenderer Base class providing common services for renderers. 
AreaRendererEndType An enumeration of the 'end types' for an area renderer. 
DefaultPolarItemRenderer A renderer that can be used with the PolarPlot class. 
GrayPaintScale A paint scale that returns shades of gray. 
LookupPaintScale A paint scale that uses a lookup table to associate paint instances with data value ranges. 
Outlier Represents one outlier in the box and whisker plot. 
OutlierList A collection of outliers for a single entity in a box and whisker plot. 
OutlierListCollection A collection of outlier lists for a box and whisker plot. 
RendererState Represents the current state of a renderer. 
RendererUtilities Utility methods related to the rendering process. 
WaferMapRenderer A renderer for wafer map plots. 


NotOutlierException An exception that is generated by the Outlier, OutlierList and OutlierListCollection classes.