Interfaces and classes for time-related data.


TimePeriod A period of time measured to millisecond precision using two instances of java.util.Date


DateRange A range specified in terms of two java.util.Date objects. 
Day Represents a single day in the range 1-Jan-1900 to 31-Dec-9999. 
DynamicTimeSeriesCollection A dynamic dataset. 
DynamicTimeSeriesCollection.ValueSequence A wrapper for a fixed array of float values. 
FixedMillisecond Wrapper for a java.util.Date object that allows it to be used as a RegularTimePeriod
Hour Represents an hour in a specific day. 
Millisecond Represents a millisecond. 
Minute Represents a minute. 
Month Represents a single month. 
MovingAverage A utility class for calculating moving averages of time series data. 
Quarter Defines a quarter (in a given year). 
RegularTimePeriod An abstract class representing a unit of time. 
Second Represents a second in a particular day. 
SimpleTimePeriod An arbitrary period of time, measured to millisecond precision using java.util.Date
TimePeriodAnchor Used to indicate one of three positions in a time period: START, MIDDLE and END
TimePeriodValue Represents a time period and an associated value. 
TimePeriodValues A structure containing zero, one or many TimePeriodValue instances. 
TimePeriodValuesCollection A collection of TimePeriodValues objects. 
TimeSeries Represents a sequence of zero or more data items in the form (period, value) where 'period' is some instance of a subclass of RegularTimePeriod
TimeSeriesCollection A collection of time series objects. 
TimeSeriesDataItem Represents one data item in a time series. 
TimeSeriesTableModel Wrapper around a time series to convert it to a table model for use in a JTable
TimeTableXYDataset A dataset for regular time periods that implements the TableXYDataset interface. 
Week A calendar week. 
Year Represents a year in the range -9999 to 9999. 


TimePeriodFormatException An exception that indicates an invalid format in a string representing a time period.