Core classes, including JFreeChart and ChartPanel.


ChartMouseListener The interface that must be implemented by classes that wish to receive ChartMouseEvent notifications from a ChartPanel
ChartTheme A ChartTheme a class that can apply a style or 'theme' to a chart. 
Effect3D An interface that should be implemented by renderers that use a 3D effect. 
LegendItemSource A source of legend items. 


ChartColor Class to extend the number of Colors available to the charts. 
ChartFactory A collection of utility methods for creating some standard charts with JFreeChart. 
ChartFrame A frame for displaying a chart. 
ChartMouseEvent A mouse event for a chart that is displayed in a ChartPanel
ChartPanel A Swing GUI component for displaying a JFreeChart object. 
ChartRenderingInfo A structure for storing rendering information from one call to the JFreeChart.draw() method. 
ChartTransferable A class used to represent a chart on the clipboard. 
ChartUtilities A collection of utility methods for JFreeChart. 
ClipPath This class is deprecated. This class is no longer supported (as of version 1.0.4). If you are creating contour plots, please try to use XYPlot and XYBlockRenderer.  
DrawableLegendItem This class is deprecated. This class is not used by JFreeChart.  
HashUtilities Some utility methods for calculating hash codes. 
JFreeChart A chart class implemented using the Java 2D APIs. 
LegendItem A temporary storage object for recording the properties of a legend item, without any consideration for layout issues. 
LegendItemCollection A collection of legend items. 
LegendRenderingOrder Represents the order for rendering legend items. 
PaintMap A storage structure that maps Comparable instances with Paint instances. 
PolarChartPanel PolarChartPanel is the top level object for using the PolarPlot
StandardChartTheme A default implementation of the ChartTheme interface. 
StrokeMap A storage structure that maps Comparable instances with Stroke instances.