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AbstractAttributeAliasingMapper Abstract base class for AttributeAliassingMapper and its system version. 
AbstractAttributedCharacterIteratorAttributeConverter An abstract converter implementation for constants of AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute and derived types. 
AbstractBasicConverter This class is deprecated. Since 1.2 use AbstractSingleValueConverter  
AbstractCollectionConverter Base helper class for converters that need to handle collections of items (arrays, Lists, Maps, etc). 
AbstractDocumentWriter A generic HierarchicalStreamWriter for DOM writer implementations. 
AbstractFilePersistenceStrategy Abstract base class for file based persistence strategies. 
AbstractPullReader Base class that contains common functionality across HierarchicalStreamReader implementations that need to read from a pull parser. 
AbstractSingleValueConverter Base abstract implementation of SingleValueConverter
AbstractXmlDriver Base class for HierarchicalStreamDrivers to use xml-based HierarchicalStreamReader and HierarchicalStreamWriter. 
AbstractXmlFriendlyMapper Mapper that ensures that all names in the serialization stream are XML friendly. 
AbstractXmlReader Abstract base implementation of HierarchicalStreamReader that provides common functionality to all XML-based readers. 
AbstractXmlWriter Abstract base implementation of HierarchicalStreamWriter that provides common functionality to all XML-based writers. 
AnnotationConfiguration An interface for the configuration part of the AnnotationMapper. 
AnnotationMapper A mapper that uses annotations to prepare the remaining mappers in the chain. 
AnnotationProvider This class is deprecated. since 1.3  
AnnotationReflectionConverter This class is deprecated. since 1.3, build into ReflectionConverter  
Annotations This class is deprecated. since 1.3, use processAnnotations(Class[])  
ArrayConverter Converts an array of objects or primitives to XML, using a nested child element for each item. 
ArrayMapper Mapper that detects arrays and changes the name so it can identified as an array (for example Foo[] gets serialized as foo-array). 
AttributeAliasingMapper Mapper that allows aliasing of attribute names. 
AttributeMapper Mapper that allows the usage of attributes for fields and corresponding types or specified arbitrary types. 
AttributeNameIterator Provide an iterator over the attribute names of the current node of a reader. 


BeanProperty This class is deprecated. since 1.3.1, no longer in use  
BigDecimalConverter Converts a java.math.BigDecimal to a String, retaining its precision. 
BigIntegerConverter Converts a java.math.BigInteger to a String. 
BinaryStreamReader A HierarchicalStreamReader that reads from a binary stream created by BinaryStreamWriter
BitSetConverter Converts a java.util.BitSet to XML, as a compact comma delimited list of ones and zeros. 
BooleanConverter Converts a boolean primitive or java.lang.Boolean wrapper to a String. 
ByteConverter Converts a byte primitive or java.lang.Byte wrapper to a String. 


CachingMapper Mapper that caches which names map to which classes. 
CannotResolveClassException This class is deprecated. As of 1.2, use CannotResolveClassException instead  
CannotResolveClassException Exception thrown if a mapper cannot locate the appropriate class for an element. 
CGLIBEnhancedConverter Converts a proxy created by the CGLIB Enhancer. 
CGLIBMapper Mapper that detects proxies generated by the CGLIB enhancer. 
CharArrayConverter Converts a char[] to XML, storing the contents as a single String. 
CharConverter Converts a char primitive or java.lang.Character wrapper to a String. 
CharsetConverter Converts a java.nio.charset.Carset to a string. 
ClassAliasingMapper Mapper that allows a fully qualified class name to be replaced with an alias. 
ClassMapper This interface is deprecated. As of 1.2, use Mapper  
ClassMapper.Null This class is deprecated. As of 1.2, use ClassMapper.Null  
CollectionConverter Converts most common Collections (Lists and Sets) to XML, specifying a nested element for each item. 
ColorConverter Converts a java.awt.Color to XML, using four nested elements: red, green, blue, alpha. 
ConversionException Thrown by Converter implementations when they cannot convert an object to/from textual data. 
Converter Converter implementations are responsible marshalling Java objects to/from textual data. 
ConverterLookup Responsible for looking up the correct Converter implementation for a specific type. 
ConverterMatcher ConverterMatcher allows to match converters to classes by determining if a given type can be converted by the converter instance. 
ConverterRegistry An interface for the converter management. 
CurrencyConverter Converts a java.util.Currency to String. 


DataHolder Holds generic data, to be used as seen fit by the user. 
DateConverter Converts a java.util.Date to a String as a date format, retaining precision down to milliseconds. 
DefaultImplementationsMapper Mapper that resolves default implementations of classes. 
DefaultMapper Default mapper implementation with 'vanilla' functionality. 
DocumentReader A generic interface for all HierarchicalStreamReader implementations reading a DOM. 
DocumentWriter A generic interface for all HierarchicalStreamWriter implementations generating a DOM. 
DoubleConverter Converts a double primitive or java.lang.Double wrapper to a String. 
DurationConverter A Converter for the XML Schema datatype duration and the Java type javax.xml.datatype.Duration Duration. 
DynamicProxyConverter Converts a dynamic proxy to XML, storing the implemented interfaces and handler. 
DynamicProxyMapper Mapper for handling special cases of aliasing dynamic proxies. 
DynamicProxyMapper.DynamicProxy Place holder type used for dynamic proxies. 


EncodedByteArrayConverter Converts a byte array to a single Base64 encoding string. 
EnumConverter Converter for JDK 1.5 enums. 
EnumMapConverter Serializes an Java 5 EnumMap, including the type of Enum it's for. 
EnumMapper Mapper that handles the special case of polymorphic enums in Java 1.5. 
EnumSetConverter Serializes a Java 5 EnumSet. 
EnumSingleValueConverter A single value converter for arbitrary enums. 
ErrorWriter To aid debugging, some components are passed an ErrorWriter when things go wrong, allowing them to add information to the error message that may be helpful to diagnose problems. 
ExternalizableConverter Converts any object that implements the interface, allowing compatibility with native Java serialization. 


FieldAliasingMapper Mapper that allows a field of a specific class to be replaced with a shorter alias, or omitted entirely. 
FieldDictionary A field dictionary instance caches information about classes fields. 
FieldKey A field key. 
FieldKeySorter An interface capable of sorting fields. 
FileConverter This converter will take care of storing and retrieving File with either an absolute path OR a relative path depending on how they were created. 
FilePersistenceStrategy PersistenceStrategy to assign keys with single value to objects persisted in files. 
FileStreamStrategy This class is deprecated. since 1.3.1, use FilePersistenceStrategy  
FloatConverter Converts a float primitive or java.lang.Float wrapper to a String. 


GregorianCalendarConverter Converts a java.util.GregorianCalendar to XML. 


HarmonyReflectionProvider Instantiates a new object on the Harmony JVM by bypassing the constructor (meaning code in the constructor will never be executed and parameters do not have to be known). 
HierarchicalStreamCopier Tool for copying the contents of one HierarichalStreamReader to a HierarichalStreamWriter. 
HierarchicalStreamDriver Provides implementation of XML parsers and writers to XStream. 


ImmutableFieldKeySorter Does not change the order of the fields. 
ImmutableTypesMapper Mapper that specifies which types are basic immutable types. 
InitializationException Exception thrown configuring an XStream instance. 
IntConverter Converts an int primitive or java.lang.Integer wrapper to a String. 
ISO8601DateConverter A DateConverter conforming to the ISO8601 standard. 
ISO8601GregorianCalendarConverter A GregorianCalendarConverter conforming to the ISO8601 standard. 
ISO8601SqlTimestampConverter A SqlTimestampConverter conforming to the ISO8601 standard. 


JavaBeanConverter Can convert any bean with a public default constructor. 
JavaBeanConverter.DuplicateFieldException This class is deprecated. since 1.3  
JavaClassConverter Converts a java.lang.Class to XML. 
JavaMethodConverter Converts a java.lang.reflect.Method to XML. 
JettisonMappedXmlDriver Simple XStream driver wrapping Jettison's Mapped reader and writer. 
JettisonStaxWriter A specialized StaxWriter that makes usage of internal functionality of Jettison. 
JsonHierarchicalStreamDriver A driver for JSON that writes optimized JSON format, but is not able to deserialize the result. 
JsonHierarchicalStreamWriter This class is deprecated. since 1.3.1, use JsonWriter instead  
JsonWriter A simple writer that outputs JSON in a pretty-printed indented stream. 


LocalConversionMapper A Mapper for locally defined converters for a member field. 
LocaleConverter Converts a java.util.Locale to a string. 
LongConverter Converts a long primitive or java.lang.Long wrapper to a String. 
LookAndFeelConverter A converter for Swing LookAndFeel implementations. 


MapConverter Converts a java.util.Map to XML, specifying an 'entry' element with 'key' and 'value' children. 
Mapper.Null Place holder type used for null values. 


NameMapper This interface is deprecated. As of 1.2  
NativeFieldKeySorter Sort the fields in their natural order. 
NullConverter Special converter to signify nulls at the root level. 


OuterClassMapper Mapper that uses a more meaningful alias for the field in an inner class (this$0) that refers to the outer class. 


PackageAliasingMapper Mapper that allows a package name to be replaced with an alias. 
Path Represents a path (subset of XPath) to a single node in the tree. 
PathTracker Maintains the current Path as a stream is moved through. 
PathTrackingReader Wrapper for HierarchicalStreamReader that tracks the path (a subset of XPath) of the current node that is being read. 
PathTrackingWriter Wrapper for HierarchicalStreamWriter that tracks the path (a subset of XPath) of the current node that is being written. 
PersistenceStrategy A key to a persistent storage and vice-versa strategy interface. 
PrettyPrintWriter A simple writer that outputs XML in a pretty-printed indented stream. 
PropertiesConverter Special converter for java.util.Properties that stores properties in a more compact form than java.util.Map. 
PropertyDictionary This class is deprecated. since 1.3.1, no longer in use  
PropertyEditorCapableConverter A SingleValueConverter that can utilize a PropertyEditor implementation used for a specific type. 
PureJavaReflectionProvider Pure Java ObjectFactory that instantiates objects using standard Java reflection, however the types of objects that can be constructed are limited. 


QNameMap Represents a mapping of QName instances to Java class names allowing class aliases and namespace aware mappings of QNames to class names. 


ReaderWrapper Base class to make it easy to create wrappers (decorators) for HierarchicalStreamReader. 
ReflectionProvider Provides core reflection services. 
ReflectionProvider.Visitor A visitor interface for serializable fields defined in a class. 
ReflectionProviderWrapper A wrapper implementation for the ReflectionProvider. 
RegexPatternConverter Ensures java.util.regex.Pattern is compiled upon deserialization. 


SaxWriter A SAX org.xml.sax.XMLReader parser that acts as an XStream HierarchicalStreamWriter to enable direct generation of a SAX event flow from the XStream serialization of a list of list of Java objects. 
SelfStreamingInstanceChecker A special converter that prevents self-serialization. 
SerializableConverter Emulates the mechanism used by standard Java Serialization for classes that implement AND implement or inherit a custom readObject()/writeObject() method. 
SerializationMethodInvoker Convenience wrapper to invoke special serialization methods on objects (and perform reflection caching). 
ShortConverter Converts a short primitive or java.lang.Short wrapper to a String. 
SingleValueConverter SingleValueConverter implementations are marshallable to/from a single value String representation. 
SingleValueConverterWrapper Wrapper to convert a SingleValueConverter into a Converter
SortableFieldKeySorter The default implementation for sorting fields. 
SqlDateConverter Converts a java.sql.Date to text. 
SqlTimeConverter Converts a java.sql.Time to text. 
SqlTimestampConverter Converts a java.sql.Timestamp to text. 
StackTraceElementConverter Converter for StackTraceElement (the lines of a stack trace) - JDK 1.4+ only. 
StackTraceElementFactory Factory for creating StackTraceElements. 
StatefulWriter An wrapper for all HierarchicalStreamWriter implementations, that keeps the state. 
StaxDriver A driver using the StAX API 
StaxReader A reader using the StAX API. 
StaxWriter A stream writing that outputs to a StAX stream writer 
StreamStrategy This interface is deprecated. since 1.3.1, use PersistenceStrategy instead  
StringBufferConverter Converts the contents of a StringBuffer to XML. 
StringBuilderConverter Converts the contents of a StringBuilder to XML. 
StringConverter Converts a String to a String ;). 
SubjectConverter Converts a Subject instance. 
Sun14ReflectionProvider Instantiates a new object on the Sun JVM by bypassing the constructor (meaning code in the constructor will never be executed and parameters do not have to be known). 
SystemAttributeAliasingMapper Mapper that allows aliasing of system attribute names. 


TextAttributeConverter A converter for TextAttribute constants. 
ThreadSafeSimpleDateFormat This class is deprecated. since 1.2.1, moved to com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.util. It is not part of public API, use on your own risk.  
ThrowableConverter Converter for Throwable (and Exception) that retains stack trace, for JDK1.4 only. 
Token Represents the Tokens stored in the binary stream used by BinaryStreamReader and BinaryStreamWriter
ToStringConverter Convenient converter for classes with natural string representation. 
TraxSource A SAXSource JAXP TrAX Source that enables using XStream object serialization as direct input for XSLT processors without resorting to an intermediate representation such as text XML, DOM or DOM4J. 
TreeMapConverter Converts a java.util.TreeMap to XML, and serializes the associated java.util.Comparator. 
TreeSetConverter Converts a java.util.TreeSet to XML, and serializes the associated java.util.Comparator. 


URLConverter Converts a to a string. 
UUIDConverter Converts a java.util.UUID to a string. 


WriterWrapper Base class to make it easy to create wrappers (decorators) for HierarchicalStreamWriter. 


XmlArrayList A persistent list implementation backed on a XmlMap. 
XmlFriendlyMapper This class is deprecated. since 1.3, use XmlFriendlyReader  
XmlFriendlyReader An interface for a HierarchicalStreamReader supporting XML-friendly names. 
XmlFriendlyReplacer Allows replacement of Strings in XML-friendly drivers. 
XmlFriendlyWriter An interface for a HierarchicalStreamWriter supporting XML-friendly names. 
XmlMap A persistent map. 
XmlSet A persistent set implementation. 
XppReader XStream reader that pulls directly from the stream using the XmlPullParser API. 
XStream Simple facade to XStream library, a Java-XML serialization tool. 
XStream.InitializationException This class is deprecated. since 1.3, use InitializationException instead  
XStream11XmlFriendlyMapper Mapper that ensures that all names in the serialization stream are read in an XML friendly way. 
XStream11XmlFriendlyReplacer Allows replacement of Strings in xml-friendly drivers to provide compatibility with XStream 1.1 format 
XStream12FieldKeySorter Sort the fields in the order of XStream 1.2.x. 
XStreamAlias Annotation used to define an XStream class or field value. 
XStreamAsAttribute Defines that a field should be serialized as an attribute. 
XStreamContainedType This @interface is deprecated. since 1.3, recursive behaviour is now always used and the annotation is therefore superfluous  
XStreamConverter Annotation to declare a converter. 
XStreamer Self-contained XStream generator. 
XStreamException Base exception for all thrown exceptions with XStream. 
XStreamImplicit An annotation for marking a field as an implicit collection. 
XStreamImplicitCollection This @interface is deprecated. since 1.3, use @XStreamImplicit at field level  
XStreamInclude Annotation to force automated processing of further classes. 
XStreamOmitField Declares a field to be omitted.