AnnotationConfiguration An interface for the configuration part of the AnnotationMapper. 


AbstractAttributeAliasingMapper Abstract base class for AttributeAliassingMapper and its system version. 
AbstractXmlFriendlyMapper Mapper that ensures that all names in the serialization stream are XML friendly. 
AnnotationMapper A mapper that uses annotations to prepare the remaining mappers in the chain. 
ArrayMapper Mapper that detects arrays and changes the name so it can identified as an array (for example Foo[] gets serialized as foo-array). 
AttributeAliasingMapper Mapper that allows aliasing of attribute names. 
AttributeMapper Mapper that allows the usage of attributes for fields and corresponding types or specified arbitrary types. 
CachingMapper Mapper that caches which names map to which classes. 
CGLIBMapper Mapper that detects proxies generated by the CGLIB enhancer. 
ClassAliasingMapper Mapper that allows a fully qualified class name to be replaced with an alias. 
DefaultImplementationsMapper Mapper that resolves default implementations of classes. 
DefaultMapper Default mapper implementation with 'vanilla' functionality. 
DynamicProxyMapper Mapper for handling special cases of aliasing dynamic proxies. 
DynamicProxyMapper.DynamicProxy Place holder type used for dynamic proxies. 
EnumMapper Mapper that handles the special case of polymorphic enums in Java 1.5. 
FieldAliasingMapper Mapper that allows a field of a specific class to be replaced with a shorter alias, or omitted entirely. 
ImmutableTypesMapper Mapper that specifies which types are basic immutable types. 
LocalConversionMapper A Mapper for locally defined converters for a member field. 
Mapper.Null Place holder type used for null values. 
OuterClassMapper Mapper that uses a more meaningful alias for the field in an inner class (this$0) that refers to the outer class. 
PackageAliasingMapper Mapper that allows a package name to be replaced with an alias. 
SystemAttributeAliasingMapper Mapper that allows aliasing of system attribute names. 
XmlFriendlyMapper This class is deprecated. since 1.3, use XmlFriendlyReader  
XStream11XmlFriendlyMapper Mapper that ensures that all names in the serialization stream are read in an XML friendly way. 


CannotResolveClassException Exception thrown if a mapper cannot locate the appropriate class for an element.