Converters for common basic types in Java. These include primitives (int, boolean, etc), wrapper objects (Integer, Boolean, etc), String, StringBuffer, java.util.Date, null,, java.math.BigInteger and java.math.BigDecimal.

These converters are enabled by default.

All of the basic converters will convert the item into a single String, with no nested elements.


AbstractBasicConverter This class is deprecated. Since 1.2 use AbstractSingleValueConverter  
AbstractSingleValueConverter Base abstract implementation of SingleValueConverter
BigDecimalConverter Converts a java.math.BigDecimal to a String, retaining its precision. 
BigIntegerConverter Converts a java.math.BigInteger to a String. 
BooleanConverter Converts a boolean primitive or java.lang.Boolean wrapper to a String. 
ByteConverter Converts a byte primitive or java.lang.Byte wrapper to a String. 
CharConverter Converts a char primitive or java.lang.Character wrapper to a String. 
DateConverter Converts a java.util.Date to a String as a date format, retaining precision down to milliseconds. 
DoubleConverter Converts a double primitive or java.lang.Double wrapper to a String. 
FloatConverter Converts a float primitive or java.lang.Float wrapper to a String. 
IntConverter Converts an int primitive or java.lang.Integer wrapper to a String. 
LongConverter Converts a long primitive or java.lang.Long wrapper to a String. 
NullConverter Special converter to signify nulls at the root level. 
ShortConverter Converts a short primitive or java.lang.Short wrapper to a String. 
StringBufferConverter Converts the contents of a StringBuffer to XML. 
StringBuilderConverter Converts the contents of a StringBuilder to XML. 
StringConverter Converts a String to a String ;). 
ThreadSafeSimpleDateFormat This class is deprecated. since 1.2.1, moved to com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.util. It is not part of public API, use on your own risk.  
URLConverter Converts a to a string. 
UUIDConverter Converts a java.util.UUID to a string.