Extra converters that may not be enabled in XStream by default.


CharsetConverter Converts a java.nio.charset.Carset to a string. 
ColorConverter Converts a java.awt.Color to XML, using four nested elements: red, green, blue, alpha. 
CurrencyConverter Converts a java.util.Currency to String. 
DurationConverter A Converter for the XML Schema datatype duration and the Java type javax.xml.datatype.Duration Duration. 
DynamicProxyConverter Converts a dynamic proxy to XML, storing the implemented interfaces and handler. 
EncodedByteArrayConverter Converts a byte array to a single Base64 encoding string. 
FileConverter This converter will take care of storing and retrieving File with either an absolute path OR a relative path depending on how they were created. 
GregorianCalendarConverter Converts a java.util.GregorianCalendar to XML. 
ISO8601DateConverter A DateConverter conforming to the ISO8601 standard. 
ISO8601GregorianCalendarConverter A GregorianCalendarConverter conforming to the ISO8601 standard. 
ISO8601SqlTimestampConverter A SqlTimestampConverter conforming to the ISO8601 standard. 
JavaClassConverter Converts a java.lang.Class to XML. 
JavaMethodConverter Converts a java.lang.reflect.Method to XML. 
LocaleConverter Converts a java.util.Locale to a string. 
LookAndFeelConverter A converter for Swing LookAndFeel implementations. 
PropertyEditorCapableConverter A SingleValueConverter that can utilize a PropertyEditor implementation used for a specific type. 
RegexPatternConverter Ensures java.util.regex.Pattern is compiled upon deserialization. 
SqlDateConverter Converts a java.sql.Date to text. 
SqlTimeConverter Converts a java.sql.Time to text. 
SqlTimestampConverter Converts a java.sql.Timestamp to text. 
StackTraceElementConverter Converter for StackTraceElement (the lines of a stack trace) - JDK 1.4+ only. 
StackTraceElementFactory Factory for creating StackTraceElements. 
SubjectConverter Converts a Subject instance. 
TextAttributeConverter A converter for TextAttribute constants. 
ThrowableConverter Converter for Throwable (and Exception) that retains stack trace, for JDK1.4 only. 
ToStringConverter Convenient converter for classes with natural string representation.