Converters for collection objects that write their items as nested elements, such as arrays, Lists, Sets and Maps.

All the converters in this package are enabled by default.


AbstractCollectionConverter Base helper class for converters that need to handle collections of items (arrays, Lists, Maps, etc). 
ArrayConverter Converts an array of objects or primitives to XML, using a nested child element for each item. 
BitSetConverter Converts a java.util.BitSet to XML, as a compact comma delimited list of ones and zeros. 
CharArrayConverter Converts a char[] to XML, storing the contents as a single String. 
CollectionConverter Converts most common Collections (Lists and Sets) to XML, specifying a nested element for each item. 
MapConverter Converts a java.util.Map to XML, specifying an 'entry' element with 'key' and 'value' children. 
PropertiesConverter Special converter for java.util.Properties that stores properties in a more compact form than java.util.Map. 
TreeMapConverter Converts a java.util.TreeMap to XML, and serializes the associated java.util.Comparator. 
TreeSetConverter Converts a java.util.TreeSet to XML, and serializes the associated java.util.Comparator.