Also: HttpClient


Request implementations for the various HTTP methods like GET and POST.


AbortableHttpRequest Interface representing an HTTP request that can be aborted by shutting down the underlying HTTP connection. 
HttpUriRequest Extended version of the HttpRequest interface that provides convenience methods to access request properties such as request URI and method type. 


HttpDelete HTTP DELETE method

The HTTP DELETE method is defined in section 9.7 of RFC2616:

The DELETE method requests that the origin server delete the resource identified by the Request-URI. 
HttpEntityEnclosingRequestBase Basic implementation of an entity enclosing HTTP request that can be modified 
HttpGet HTTP GET method. 
HttpHead HTTP HEAD method. 
HttpOptions HTTP OPTIONS method. 
HttpPost HTTP POST method. 
HttpPut HTTP PUT method. 
HttpRequestBase Basic implementation of an HTTP request that can be modified. 
HttpTrace HTTP TRACE method.