Also: HttpClient


TLS/SSL specific API.


TrustStrategy A strategy to establish trustworthiness of certificates without consulting the trust manager configured in the actual SSL context. 
X509HostnameVerifier Interface for checking if a hostname matches the names stored inside the server's X.509 certificate. 


AbstractVerifier Abstract base class for all standard X509HostnameVerifier implementations. 
AllowAllHostnameVerifier The ALLOW_ALL HostnameVerifier essentially turns hostname verification off. 
BrowserCompatHostnameVerifier The HostnameVerifier that works the same way as Curl and Firefox. 
SSLSocketFactory Layered socket factory for TLS/SSL connections. 
StrictHostnameVerifier The Strict HostnameVerifier works the same way as Sun Java 1.4, Sun Java 5, Sun Java 6-rc. 
TrustSelfSignedStrategy A trust strategy that accepts self-signed certificates as trusted.