Package Index

org.apache.http.auth The API for client-side HTTP authentication against a server.
org.apache.http.auth.params Parameters for configuring HTTP authentication classes.
org.apache.http.client The API for client-side HTTP communication.
org.apache.http.client.entity Additional HTTP entity implementations that depend on HttpClient specific features.
org.apache.http.client.methods Request implementations for the various HTTP methods like GET and POST.
org.apache.http.client.params Parameters for configuring the default HttpClient implementation.
org.apache.http.client.protocol Additional request and response interceptors for HTTP state and authentication management.
org.apache.http.client.utils Helpers and utility classes for HttpClient.
org.apache.http.conn The client-side connection management and handling API that provides interfaces and implementations for opening and managing client side HTTP connections.
org.apache.http.conn.params Parameters for configuring HTTP connection and connection management related classes.
org.apache.http.conn.routing The client-side route representation and tracking API.
org.apache.http.conn.scheme Scheme class represents a protocol scheme such as "http" or "https" and contains a number of protocol properties such as the default port and the socket factory to be used to creating for the given protocol
org.apache.http.conn.ssl TLS/SSL specific API.
org.apache.http.conn.util A collection of HTTP connection utility classes.
org.apache.http.cookie The API for client-side state management via cookies.
org.apache.http.cookie.params Parameters for configuring HTTP state management classes.
org.apache.http.impl.auth Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.auth.
org.apache.http.impl.client Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.client.
org.apache.http.impl.conn Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.impl.conn and related classes.
org.apache.http.impl.conn.tsccm The implementation of a thread-safe client connection manager.
org.apache.http.impl.cookie Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.cookie.