Also: HttpClient


Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.client.


AbstractAuthenticationHandler Base class for AuthenticationHandler implementations. 
AbstractHttpClient Base class for HttpClient implementations. 
BasicAuthCache Default implementation of AuthCache
BasicCookieStore Default implementation of CookieStore 
BasicCredentialsProvider Default implementation of CredentialsProvider
BasicResponseHandler A ResponseHandler that returns the response body as a String for successful (2xx) responses. 
ClientParamsStack Represents a stack of parameter collections. 
ContentEncodingHttpClient DefaultHttpClient sub-class which includes a RequestAcceptEncoding for the request and response. 
DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategy Default implementation of a strategy deciding duration that a connection can remain idle. 
DefaultHttpClient Default implementation of HttpClient pre-configured for most common use scenarios. 
DefaultHttpRequestRetryHandler The default HttpRequestRetryHandler used by request executors. 
DefaultProxyAuthenticationHandler Default AuthenticationHandler implementation for proxy host authentication. 
DefaultRedirectHandler This class is deprecated. use DefaultRedirectStrategy.  
DefaultRedirectStrategy Default implementation of RedirectStrategy
DefaultRequestDirector Default implementation of RequestDirector
DefaultTargetAuthenticationHandler Default AuthenticationHandler implementation for target host authentication. 
DefaultUserTokenHandler Default implementation of UserTokenHandler
EntityEnclosingRequestWrapper A wrapper class for HttpEntityEnclosingRequests that can be used to change properties of the current request without modifying the original object. 
RedirectLocations This class represents a collection of URIs used as redirect locations. 
RequestWrapper A wrapper class for HttpRequests that can be used to change properties of the current request without modifying the original object. 
RoutedRequest A request with the route along which it should be sent. 


TunnelRefusedException Signals that the tunnel request was rejected by the proxy host.