Also: HttpClient


Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.impl.conn and related classes.


AbstractClientConnAdapter Abstract adapter from operated to managed client connections. 
AbstractPooledConnAdapter Abstract adapter from pool entries to managed client connections. 
AbstractPoolEntry A pool entry for use by connection manager implementations. 
DefaultClientConnection Default implementation of an operated client connection. 
DefaultClientConnectionOperator Default implementation of a ClientConnectionOperator
DefaultHttpRoutePlanner Default implementation of an HttpRoutePlanner
DefaultResponseParser Default HTTP response parser implementation. 
IdleConnectionHandler This class is deprecated. no longer used  
LoggingSessionInputBuffer Logs all data read to the wire LOG. 
LoggingSessionOutputBuffer Logs all data written to the wire LOG. 
ProxySelectorRoutePlanner Default implementation of an HttpRoutePlanner
SingleClientConnManager A connection manager for a single connection. 
SingleClientConnManager.ConnAdapter The connection adapter used by this manager. 
SingleClientConnManager.PoolEntry The pool entry for this connection manager. 
Wire Logs data to the wire LOG. 


ConnectionShutdownException Signals that the connection has been shut down or released back to the the connection pool