Strategies for mapping a list of attributes (such as roles or LDAP groups) to a list of GrantedAuthoritys.

Provides a layer of indirection between a security data repository and the logical authorities required within an application.


Attributes2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper Interface to be implemented by classes that can map a list of security attributes (such as roles or group names) to a collection of Spring Security GrantedAuthoritys. 
GrantedAuthoritiesMapper Mapping interface which can be injected into the authentication layer to convert the authorities loaded from storage into those which will be used in the Authentication object. 
MappableAttributesRetriever Interface to be implemented by classes that can retrieve a list of mappable security attribute strings (for example the list of all available J2EE roles in a web or EJB application). 


MapBasedAttributes2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper This class implements the Attributes2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper and MappableAttributesRetriever interfaces based on the supplied Map. 

This class implements the Attributes2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper interface by doing a one-to-one mapping from roles to Spring Security GrantedAuthorities. 

SimpleAuthorityMapper Simple one-to-one GrantedAuthoritiesMapper which allows for case conversion of the authority name and the addition of a string prefix (which defaults to ROLE_). 
SimpleMappableAttributesRetriever This class implements the MappableAttributesRetriever interface by just returning a list of mappable attributes as previously set using the corresponding setter method.