The LDAP authentication provider package. Interfaces are provided for both authentication and retrieval of user roles from an LDAP server.

The main provider class is LdapAuthenticationProvider. This is configured with an LdapAuthenticator instance and an LdapAuthoritiesPopulator. The latter is used to obtain the list of roles for the user.


LdapAuthenticator The strategy interface for locating and authenticating an Ldap user. 


AbstractLdapAuthenticationProvider Base class for the standard LdapAuthenticationProvider and the ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider
AbstractLdapAuthenticator Base class for the authenticator implementations. 
BindAuthenticator An authenticator which binds as a user. 
LdapAuthenticationProvider An AuthenticationProvider implementation that authenticates against an LDAP server. 
PasswordComparisonAuthenticator An LdapAuthenticator which compares the login password with the value stored in the directory using a remote LDAP "compare" operation. 
SpringSecurityAuthenticationSource An AuthenticationSource to retrieve authentication information stored in Spring Security's SecurityContextHolder
UserDetailsServiceLdapAuthoritiesPopulator Simple LdapAuthoritiesPopulator which delegates to a UserDetailsService, using the name which was supplied at login as the username.