Authentication processing mechanisms, which respond to the submission of authentication credentials using various protocols (eg BASIC, CAS, form login etc).


AuthenticationFailureHandler Strategy used to handle a failed authentication attempt. 
AuthenticationSuccessHandler Strategy used to handle a successful user authentication. 
RememberMeServices Implement by a class that is capable of providing a remember-me service. 


AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter Abstract processor of browser-based HTTP-based authentication requests. 
AbstractAuthenticationTargetUrlRequestHandler Base class containing the logic used by strategies which handle redirection to a URL and are passed an Authentication object as part of the contract. 
AnonymousAuthenticationFilter Detects if there is no Authentication object in the SecurityContextHolder, and populates it with one if needed. 
DelegatingAuthenticationEntryPoint An AuthenticationEntryPoint which selects a concrete AuthenticationEntryPoint based on a RequestMatcher evaluation. 
ExceptionMappingAuthenticationFailureHandler Uses the internal map of exceptions types to URLs to determine the destination on authentication failure. 

In the pre-authenticated authentication case (unlike CAS, for example) the user will already have been identified through some external mechanism and a secure context established by the time the security-enforcement filter is invoked. 

LoginUrlAuthenticationEntryPoint Used by the ExceptionTranslationFilter to commence a form login authentication via the UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter
NullRememberMeServices Implementation of NullRememberMeServices that does nothing. 
SavedRequestAwareAuthenticationSuccessHandler An authentication success strategy which can make use of the DefaultSavedRequest which may have been stored in the session by the ExceptionTranslationFilter
SimpleUrlAuthenticationFailureHandler AuthenticationFailureHandler which performs a redirect to the value of the defaultFailureUrl property when the onAuthenticationFailure method is called. 
SimpleUrlAuthenticationSuccessHandler AuthenticationSuccessHandler which can be configured with a default URL which users should be sent to upon successful authentication. 
UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter Processes an authentication form submission. 
WebAuthenticationDetails A holder of selected HTTP details related to a web authentication request. 
WebAuthenticationDetailsSource Implementation of AuthenticationDetailsSource which builds the details object from an HttpServletRequest object, creating a WebAuthenticationDetails