LDAP-focused UserDetails implementations which map from a ubset of the data contained in some of the standard LDAP types (such as InetOrgPerson).


LdapAuthoritiesPopulator Obtains a list of granted authorities for an Ldap user. 
LdapUserDetails Captures the information for a user's LDAP entry. 
UserDetailsContextMapper Operations to map a UserDetails object to and from a Spring LDAP DirContextOperations implementation. 


DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator The default strategy for obtaining user role information from the directory. 
InetOrgPerson UserDetails implementation whose properties are based on a subset of the LDAP schema for inetOrgPerson
LdapUserDetailsImpl A UserDetails implementation which is used internally by the Ldap services. 
LdapUserDetailsImpl.Essence Variation of essence pattern. 
LdapUserDetailsManager An Ldap implementation of UserDetailsManager. 
LdapUserDetailsMapper The context mapper used by the LDAP authentication provider to create an LDAP user object. 
LdapUserDetailsService LDAP implementation of UserDetailsService based around an LdapUserSearch and an LdapAuthoritiesPopulator
Person UserDetails implementation whose properties are based on the LDAP schema for Person