Implementation of password policy functionality based on the Password Policy for LDAP Directories.

This code will not work with servers such as Active Directory, which do not implement this standard.



PasswordPolicyAwareContextSource Extended version of the DefaultSpringSecurityContextSource which adds support for the use of PasswordPolicyControl to make use of user account data stored in the directory. 
PasswordPolicyControl A Password Policy request control. 
PasswordPolicyControlExtractor Obtains the PasswordPolicyControl from a context for use by other classes. 
PasswordPolicyControlFactory Transforms a control object to a PasswordPolicyResponseControl object, if appropriate. 
PasswordPolicyResponseControl Represents the response control received when a PasswordPolicyControl is used when binding to a directory. 


PasswordPolicyErrorStatus Defines status codes for use with PasswordPolicyException, with error codes (for message source lookup) and default messages. 


PasswordPolicyException Generic exception raised by the ppolicy package.