Web utility classes.

Should not depend on any other framework classes.


RequestMatcher Simple strategy to match an HttpServletRequest
ThrowableCauseExtractor Interface for handlers extracting the cause out of a specific Throwable type. 


AntPathRequestMatcher Matcher which compares a pre-defined ant-style pattern against the URL (servletPath + pathInfo) of an HttpServletRequest
AnyRequestMatcher Matches any supplied request. 
ELRequestMatcher A RequestMatcher implementation which uses a SpEL expression

With the default EvaluationContext (ELRequestMatcherContext) you can use hasIpAdress() and hasHeader()

See DelegatingAuthenticationEntryPoint for an example configuration. 

IpAddressMatcher Matches a request based on IP Address or subnet mask matching against the remote address. 
RedirectUrlBuilder Internal class for building redirect URLs. 
RegexRequestMatcher Uses a regular expression to decide whether a supplied the URL of a supplied HttpServletRequest
RequestMatcherEditor PropertyEditor which creates ELRequestMatcher instances from Strings This allows to use a String in a BeanDefinition instead of an (inner) bean if a RequestMatcher is required, e.g. 
TextEscapeUtils Internal utility for escaping characters in HTML strings
ThrowableAnalyzer Handler for analyzing Throwable instances. 
UrlUtils Provides static methods for composing URLs.