Classes that ensure web requests are received over required transport channels.

Most commonly used to enforce that requests are submitted over HTTP or HTTPS.


ChannelDecisionManager Decides whether a web channel provides sufficient security. 
ChannelEntryPoint May be used by a ChannelProcessor to launch a web channel. 
ChannelProcessor Decides whether a web channel meets a specific security condition. 


ChannelDecisionManagerImpl Implementation of ChannelDecisionManager
ChannelProcessingFilter Ensures a web request is delivered over the required channel. 
InsecureChannelProcessor Ensures channel security is inactive by review of HttpServletRequest.isSecure() responses. 
RetryWithHttpEntryPoint Commences an insecure channel by retrying the original request using HTTP. 
RetryWithHttpsEntryPoint Commences a secure channel by retrying the original request using HTTPS. 
SecureChannelProcessor Ensures channel security is active by review of HttpServletRequest.isSecure() responses.