Session management filters, HttpSession events and publisher classes.


InvalidSessionStrategy Determines the behaviour of the SessionManagementFilter when an invalid session Id is submitted and detected in the SessionManagementFilter


ConcurrentSessionFilter Filter required by concurrent session handling package. 
HttpSessionCreatedEvent Published by the HttpSessionEventPublisher when an HttpSession is created by the container 
HttpSessionDestroyedEvent Published by the HttpSessionEventPublisher when a HttpSession is created in the container 
HttpSessionEventPublisher Declared in web.xml as
Publishes HttpSessionApplicationEvents to the Spring Root WebApplicationContext. 
SessionManagementFilter Detects that a user has been authenticated since the start of the request and, if they have, calls the configured SessionAuthenticationStrategy to perform any session-related activity such as activating session-fixation protection mechanisms or checking for multiple concurrent logins. 
SimpleRedirectInvalidSessionStrategy Performs a redirect to a fixed URL when an invalid requested session is detected by the SessionManagementFilter