Basic implementation of access control lists (ACLs) interfaces.


AclAuthorizationStrategy Strategy used by AclImpl to determine whether a principal is permitted to call adminstrative methods on the AclImpl
AuditLogger Used by AclImpl to log audit events. 
PermissionFactory Provides a simple mechanism to retrieve Permission instances from integer masks. 


AbstractPermission Provides an abstract superclass for Permission implementations. 
AccessControlEntryImpl An immutable default implementation of AccessControlEntry
AclAuthorizationStrategyImpl Default implementation of AclAuthorizationStrategy
AclFormattingUtils Utility methods for displaying ACL information. 
AclImpl Base implementation of Acl
BasePermission A set of standard permissions. 
ConsoleAuditLogger A basic implementation of AuditLogger
CumulativePermission Represents a Permission that is constructed at runtime from other permissions. 
DefaultPermissionFactory Default implementation of PermissionFactory
EhCacheBasedAclCache Simple implementation of AclCache that delegates to EH-CACHE. 
GrantedAuthoritySid Represents a GrantedAuthority as a Sid
ObjectIdentityImpl Simple implementation of ObjectIdentity
ObjectIdentityRetrievalStrategyImpl Basic implementation of ObjectIdentityRetrievalStrategy and ObjectIdentityGenerator that uses the constructors of ObjectIdentityImpl to create the ObjectIdentity
PrincipalSid Represents an Authentication.getPrincipal() as a Sid
SidRetrievalStrategyImpl Basic implementation of SidRetrievalStrategy that creates a Sid for the principal, as well as every granted authority the principal holds. 


IdentityUnavailableException Thrown if an ACL identity could not be extracted from an object.