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Class Overview

Core interface which loads user-specific data.

It is used throughout the framework as a user DAO and is the strategy used by the DaoAuthenticationProvider.

The interface requires only one read-only method, which simplifies support for new data-access strategies.


Public Methods
abstract UserDetails loadUserByUsername(String username)
Locates the user based on the username.

Public Methods

public abstract UserDetails loadUserByUsername (String username)

Locates the user based on the username. In the actual implementation, the search may possibly be case insensitive, or case insensitive depending on how the implementation instance is configured. In this case, the UserDetails object that comes back may have a username that is of a different case than what was actually requested..

username the username identifying the user whose data is required.
  • a fully populated user record (never null)
UsernameNotFoundException if the user could not be found or the user has no GrantedAuthority